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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Roman Wedding Shawl

I can't remember if I have mentioned that we are going on a trip in September this month

OK, who stole August? I swear that last week was the first week of August. I hate getting older.

Anyways, the reason for the trip is a wedding that is going to be held in Rome. Unless, dear blog reader, you work for Revenue Canada - in that case, the entire purpose of this trip is for me to attend the European Respiratory Meeting in Vienna.

One of The Gambler's good friends is getting married there. On the 11th (one of the cheapest days to fly), we travel first to Vienna, and then on the 16th we go to Rome for the wedding, which is a few days later. Since there is no way that I could finish my Ella Freezes Over prior to the wedding, I am attempting to knit a "quick" stole out of some Americo Cotton Flame that I got in exchange for an extra skein of Americo Cotton Alpaca yarn that I purchased so that I'd have enough yarn for the Mumble Cardigan.

Background info for non Greater Toronto Area readers - Americo is a shop in downtown Toronto with its own line of yarns. Cotton Flame is a thick/think cotton yarn that is wonderfully silky.

There is a popular (in the GTA) pattern called Roman Holiday which uses 3 skeins of Cotton Flame. Since I am at short least 1.5 skeins and a few months of knitting time to attempt that, I decided to try knitting a Morning Surf Scarf

Flame roman wedding
Here's the start - it's an easy enough pattern, although not completely mindless; I have had to rip the odd row back because I was off by a few stitches at the end of the row. I hope to get a fair amount of it done while waiting in the airport and on the plane. In addition to however much I am able to knit between now and the 11th, that is.


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Blogger Bezzie said ... (Wed Sep 02, 08:09:00 PM EDT) : 

EEE! Good luck!!!! And have fun over there--nice to kill two birds w/one stone!


Blogger Batty said ... (Thu Sep 03, 08:39:00 PM EDT) : 

Have a great time! Safe travels, and may the speedy knitting fairies stop by to help.


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