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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These are the cat days of summer...

Cat days of summer
I have always associated the phrase "the dog days of summer" with long hot days where the air is thick, and all you want to do is find a cool place in the shade to stretch out for a nap.

So far, we haven't had any of those type of days (or if we did, I was stuck in a windowless overly airconditioned building for more hours than is healthy). If anything, the weather is generally pretty conducive to napping with mini heat sources cats. Actually, I have been quite happy with the summer weather we are having this year: warm enough in the daytime so that you can wear summer clothes, but not so hot and sticky that you could stand to take several showers per day; cool at night so you can sleep, with enough rain that our outdoor plants will survive without frequent watering.

As has been the case so often of late, work is stealing much time from the rest of my life. Not enough time for sleeping, let alone all of the fun stuff, like knitting.

This was what I accomplished this weekend:
Noro slippers 1

Magic slippers to match the BSC. Knit out of leftover Kureyon sock because I couldn't find the rest of the Regia yarn that was leftover. It's a nice little pattern which is easily memorized: I will probably knit another pair that is a bit larger, since I still have more leftover Kureyon sock. They will be packed up soon and delivered to the intended recipient some time in the next few weeks. Hopefully.

By the way, as I entered this project into Ravelry, I discovered that there is now the option to enter data to allow one to calculate the actual product cost!!! Quelle horreur!
Interestingly, the default currency looks to be Icelandic krona - maybe the total won't seem so bad in a currency one is totally unfamiliar with.


Comments on "These are the cat days of summer..."


Blogger not an artist said ... (Tue Jul 21, 11:31:00 PM EDT) : 

Heh heh, nice to know I'm not the only one who's rather enjoying our cool summer days.

And yeah, Icelandic Krona seem like the best currency to express the cost of knitting in, anyways!


Blogger Tammy said ... (Wed Jul 22, 12:19:00 AM EDT) : 

I think you stole our summer. It's been miserably hot here in Oregon!


Blogger Wells said ... (Wed Jul 22, 08:15:00 AM EDT) : 

I noticed that default too! I was wondering if it was because I had been looking at Icelandic laceweight!


Blogger Peggy said ... (Wed Jul 22, 02:00:00 PM EDT) : 

It also helps that the entire country went bankrupt and now the currency is almost worthless.


Blogger Carol said ... (Wed Jul 22, 02:07:00 PM EDT) : 

Krona?? Heh.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Wed Jul 22, 07:59:00 PM EDT) : 

Hee hee, no cat barometers at your house huh? The more stretched out the hotter it is outside. The opposite works in winter--the more tightly curled up--the colder out it is.

Cute booties!


Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said ... (Wed Jul 22, 10:12:00 PM EDT) : 

Hmm...I missed that on Ravelry today. I'll have to look again. I'm also going to look up the magic slippers. And the more cat hair shed, the hotter it is. Here it's also been cool. I'm happy.


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