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Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolutions for 2007

I have several categories:

During the next 2 months (before I go back to work/move):
1. I will go skiing (cross country or downhill) at least 3 days out of every 7 that I am in town.
2. I will put my clothes away and leave my knitting area and the kitchen tidy on a daily basis, so that we don't have to scramble if a potential buyer comes to look at the house.
3. I will catch up on sleep.
4. I will shovel the snow on the top portion of our access road.
5. I will eat at least one serving of vegetables at lunch, and 2 at dinner.
6. I will use a food item from the pantry or freezer at least 4 times per week, so that we don't end up throwing out food when we move.

7. I will knit from my stash
8. I will block and finish completed items within 2 weeks of completing them.
9. I will learn how to crochet a provisional cast on.
10. I will finish at least 10 of the 12 pairs of Socks of the Month before December 31, 2007.
11. Once a UFO is 6 months old, I will either frog it or finish it by December 31, 2007.
12. I will figure out how to download and listen to podcasts, and will listen to podcasts, music, or CBC radio if I am knitting at home on my own.
13. I will take inventory on my stash.
14. I will organize my stash.
15. I will knit a pair of socks of my own design.
16. I will take pictures of "gift knits" that I make for Secret Pals and post them at the end of the exchange.

17. I will drink more water.
18. I will load my Dell DJ and use it.
19. I will use my Palm as more than a calendar.
20. I will learn basic blog editing skills and will customize my blog.
21. I will learn how to use Photoshop.
22. I will improve my communication with Kyle.
23. I will work through the exercises in the book "Reclaiming your Life" rather than just reading it.
24. I will open the mail within 1 day of it arriving.
25. I will weigh myself daily, because it helps me to keep my weight from creeping up.
26. This fall, I will take a trip to Europe, and while I am there, I will take a photography course.
27. I will visit the Eiffel tower the day I turn 40.
28. I will brush the cats at least 3 times per week.
29. I will smile more.
30. I will laugh more.

Comments on "Resolutions for 2007"


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Mon Jan 01, 01:38:00 PM EST) : 

You have an ambitious list! Yet, from reading your blog over the past year, I know that if anyone can do it, you can!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Mon Jan 01, 02:09:00 PM EST) : 

Happy New Year!

That is a great list of resolutions you have there, I especially love the idea of a photographic tour of Paris! Happy 2007!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Mon Jan 01, 04:27:00 PM EST) : 

Great goals! (Just don't be too hard on yourself if you slip up sometimes.... Just sayin' is all.)

And when you visit Europe, you will come and say hi to Amsterdam/Utrecht. I'll feed you your portion of veggies, plus it'll give you a great opportunity to smile and laugh more! Hey, that's four in one!!!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Mon Jan 01, 04:29:00 PM EST) : 

Hee hee! Pantry Busting was my favorite! Oh been there done that and god willing will be able to it again soon!


Blogger Zonda said ... (Mon Jan 01, 05:47:00 PM EST) : 

Great list! I see some similar resolutions there too! ;)

I wish you the best on finding a home and a job (wasn't sure if you found one yet?)

Oh wow! Paris at 40! That will be awesome I'm sure!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Mon Jan 01, 06:15:00 PM EST) : 

Happy Yarn Year! May all your goals come true. Enjoyed reading your blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Mon Jan 01, 07:34:00 PM EST) : 

Awesome set of goals! Love the ambition! :-)


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