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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh, right, this is a KNITTING blog, isn't it?

Haven't blogged much about the WIPS lately, so here is an update:
DH's Doomed Sweater has been frogged, and is now being made into a backpack (BTW is there any difference between a backpack and a knapsack? Because I instinctively want to call it a knapsack)
The flap projecting out front is a pocket that will be sewn to the body of the pack before felting.
This was the test swatch for a Heartfelt Wishes Bowl that I made for Lynnknits from Knitty. I was her replacement replacement angel for the One Skein Secret Pal exchange (yes, replacement replacement - the first angel fell through). I of course didn't think to take a picture of the completed project, but you can see it in this blog entry (slightly squished). Lynn got the duplicate skein of STR that Blue Moon Fibre Arts sent to me by accident. Actually, the way I became her angel was that I saw a post where she said that she had been abandoned twice, and wrote the One Skein mods offering to send her the yarn and pattern to tide her over until they got her straightened out. I got an email back saying "your second pal is Lynn...Please send her 2 single skeins before the end of the month, and a one skein gift by mid September". So all of a sudden I was an angel. I used Patons Classic Merino (2 strands), and also used an ebay yarn that was pink/purple as a carry along. I added 4 rows to make the bowl deeper. The pattern doesn't use much yarn - if I had followed it exactly, I could have made 2 from the single skein.
Sock B: I took a recess from sock B just before I got to turning the heel. The week before last I sat down and did the heel.
Here's where it was yesterday. Not much progress, but this is my "car knitting" - I work on it if I am the passenger in the car, or, if I am stuck in bridge traffic. Bridge traffic can add another 20 minutes driving time to a 15 minute drive home, much of that time spent stopped, or crawling. Having something to knit makes it waaaaayyy less frustrating.
This is the newest project - designed by Ev, who a very talented employee at my LYS has, and a very sweet woman. I am a test knitter for one of her latest designs - a fisherman style scarf. This is some Llama/alpaca yarn that I bought off of ebay; the original colour is a faded red/burnt orange; I dyed a few skeins with Koolaid - it's not as deep of a red as I had hoped, but I've already dyed it twice (Anyone know if yarn can get "saturated" with dye?). The design is a 10 stitch repeat that runs over 6 rows. Pretty easy, but not simple enough to multitask while doing. I was watching Kill Bill 1 on TV last night, and I frequently had to rip back because of minor mistakes. But if you are actually paying attention, it is no problem. It also helps that I found a row counter at a thrift shop, so I can easily keep track of where I am in the pattern.

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Blogger Macoco said ... (Mon Aug 28, 03:32:00 PM EDT) : 

I love the fisherman-style scarf!!! I like the texture of it. Let me know if it comes out of the test-stage and is for sale. I really like that shade of red too.


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