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Saturday, August 12, 2006


If recent events are going to make air travel even more of a hassle, and gas prices keep rising, will people no longer venture far from home? Train travel is an option, as is travelling by ship, but both have limits of range, and neither is fast.
Would this lead to a schizm between the virtual "global village" and our actual experience? The city I grew up in has many people who were born and bred there, and have no intentions of ever moving elsewhere - "lifers". Is that what we will move towards? With aquaintances all over the world, and no means to ever meet them?

*Edited to add: As I wrote this post, I was sitting in front of a TV that was showing some vapid entertainment show [DH had been watching football, and left the TV on, and for the most part I was ignoring it]. Right when I decided that I might as well turn it off, some shiny hostesss dressed in sequins asked the guest (who turned out to be Beyonce whatshername) if she had felt nervous about flying from the other coast. Beyonce replied, "Well, I kind of was, but I flew private, so it was safer". They then had a mini feature about private jet services, and how they were now being utilized by "ordinary" [read - either D list celebrities or rich people] for travel because of terrorist concerns. Which added this facet to my question - what if long distance travel returns to being nearly exclusively the domain of the rich?

BTW - this could be the end of duty free shops - think about it: the most lucrative items they sell are perfume and booze. If you can't bring liquids on board anymore...

Regular blog activity will return tomorow.

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Blogger Batty said ... (Sat Aug 12, 07:29:00 AM EDT) : 

To add to this: If I had known I wouldn't be able to fly back to Europe and see my family without hassle or fear, I might not have crossed the ocean to go to college. I might not have stayed in the US for grad school. I might not have started a life thousands of miles away from friends and family.

When I left Germany, I didn't think I'd be saying the same kind of good-bye as immigrants in previous centuries. Back then, immigrants said good-bye, fully expecting to never be able to go back. Now, an 8 hour plane trip has turned into a nearly insurmountable obstacle. Who would have thought?


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