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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Damn Damn Damn

Well, the saga of the world cup sweater has ended. Hubby tried it on, and it is a bit too tight across the chest. It's too big for me; I could rip it back a bit, do some waist decreases, etc, but I would prefer a deeper V neck if it was for myself. I would finish it and give it to my brother, but he's a few provinces away.

It's too hot to even think of frogging it tonight - I think I will thread some spare yarn through the stitches and put it on the shelf. Maybe Jeff (bro) will come visit us this summer...

Time to finish off MaryElla. Good weather for cotton floss and beads.

Also too hot to download pictures - will have to do a download/upload jamboree later this week.

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Blogger Kim said ... (Fri Jun 30, 05:41:00 PM EDT) : 

Hi - Thought I'd drop you a line - mostly in response to your comments about my new shop - at 229 Brock Street North - in Whitby. Thanks for your suggestions - they are greatly appreciated. At present, I'm still working on getting the Addi Turbos - so I don't want to get your hopes up in case you do drop by. I'll be open this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 'til 5:30. Thursday we'll be open until 8:00 and then Saturday (but not this one - Canada Day) from 10 'til 5. The shop is rather small and certainly not bursting at the seams. It will take some time for it to become what I really want - still working on getting some specialty yarns. step at a time. Thanks for the interest! Kim


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