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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coachella quandry

Hey! Titles are back!!

So, as I packed up my stash, I realized that I have 800m of the Colineete Enigma. Instead of using it for Coachella, I might use it to knit a Halfobi
So I am now trying to figure out what yarn to use. I do have 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece; the yardage is a bit less than what the pattern calls for.

I might just start knitting and see how far I get...

Speaking of how far I get - this is how much I have left to knit on the Soleil tank:

It's going to take me a while to completely finish it - there's over a dozen ends to weave in, and I'm going to kitchener the straps together rather than binding off and sewing them together. I have 1.6 balls of the bamboo yarn left.

Now I just have to figure out what to start next - I've got a 4.5 hour plane ride ahead of me on Friday - which reminds me, it's time to pack!

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Comments on "Coachella quandry"


Anonymous ruth said ... (Thu Jul 12, 04:15:00 AM EDT) : 

The tank looks great! Happy flying, you must be really sick of it by now.


Anonymous Cathy-Cate said ... (Thu Jul 12, 06:56:00 AM EDT) : 

Soleil looks awesome, and you zoomed right along on it!
I am preparing for a vacation trip Saturday, and my first decision when packing is what knitting projects to bring -- at least that's what I've been thinking about first. Very important. Do NOT want to run out of yarn/projects on a trip. Been there, done that, and it's not a pretty sight.


Blogger Sandi Purl said ... (Thu Jul 12, 10:41:00 AM EDT) : 

wow! you'll be sporting that stunning soleil in no time! and i'm loving the Halfobi! me want! me want! happy knitting! you're almost home xo


Blogger Sophia said ... (Thu Jul 12, 12:17:00 PM EDT) : 

Hey lady!

What about doing a 3-needle bindoff on the straps? Just a thought.

Looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you in it. :)


Blogger Stacie said ... (Thu Jul 12, 05:39:00 PM EDT) : 

that tank is cute! i think the finishing is what is keeping me from knitting sweater-y projects...


Blogger Zonda said ... (Thu Jul 12, 10:50:00 PM EDT) : 

That is looking good! Hang in there, you're almost home! :)


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