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Friday, July 06, 2007


I finished knitting sockapalooza sock B last night, and cast it off this morning.

I had alot of leftover beads - about 40% of the beads that were used for the socks, and I still had the wee little beads that were too small to thread on the yarn. So yesterday I stopped by The Sassy Bead Company and picked up some larger beads and beading elastic so that I could knit my swap pal a Bauble bracelet.

It was a rainy afternoon, so while Somerset and Greedo napped, I strung the beads. The pattern calls for 4mm dpns; I tried knitting it up on 5mm dpns. Here's the result of my initial attempt to knit it up:

I'm not sure if I like it right now. I fly back to BC tomorrow, and will re-knit it on 4 mm needles once I get there to see if it looks any less dog's-breakfast-like. It probably didn't help that I didn't actually use crimping beads to anchor the beads on the cord , so in some spots gaps opened up, which made the loops "catch" instead of slide through each other like a good yarn should.

Back to last night - one of the great things about moving to Toronto is that there is a huge knitting community. There are several SnB's that meet on a weekly basis, and on Wednesday nights, there is a large group that meets at a Second Cup. It's large enough that if you get there late you risk missing out on finding a seat! There's a great mix of people who attend, and new people join in quite often. Last night Allie joined us. She is just teaching herself to knit, and we were all quite impressed by how even her stitches were for her very first project. She was knitting "a square" out of some dollar store yarn, and we helped her to cast it off. Check it out:

The yarn she was using was a bit on the bulky side for her needles, so when she was casting on for square #2, I showed her how to do a long tail cast on. Which was when I learned that my long tail cast on technique is very different from that which other people use. Looking at the knitting help video, it appears that I use a modification of the "thumb method". I'm not entirely sure where I picked it up; I think that was my interpretation of the diagrams given in a Debbie Bliss knitting book. It's amazing how many ways people come up with to wrap sting around a stick, isn't it?

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Comments on "Done!"


Anonymous ruth said ... (Fri Jul 06, 04:42:00 AM EDT) : 

It must be nice to have such a large knitting community around you. Love the new socks.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Fri Jul 06, 06:04:00 AM EDT) : 

Somerset is giving those socks the look of death. But they are very lovely! I think you Bauble looks good.

I don't dare teach anyone to knit because of my funky method!


Anonymous Debbie said ... (Fri Jul 06, 07:16:00 AM EDT) : 

very sweet photo of your kitty loving on the knitted project.


Blogger Macoco said ... (Fri Jul 06, 07:42:00 AM EDT) : 

I love the way your cat is looking at the socks - how did these get in here?

I'm excited to see how the bracelet comes out.


Blogger Glenna C said ... (Fri Jul 06, 09:18:00 AM EDT) : 

I love your kitty cat pictures, they are so adorable. And the socks are pretty, too ;) I didn't know about the Second Cup knitters, that sounds awesome!


Blogger Sandi Purl said ... (Fri Jul 06, 10:59:00 AM EDT) : 

great pix! i'm diggin the bauble. and the socks rock! Alli looks so freakin happy. i'm so glad that u captured that moment.


Blogger Batty said ... (Fri Jul 06, 11:59:00 AM EDT) : 

Lovely socks, and I adore the kitty snuggling Pi pic!

I can't stop looking at that first project square. It looks so much better than my first foray into knitting! That's really even, I'm sure she'll fit right in with all the other Toronto knitters.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Fri Jul 06, 01:10:00 PM EDT) : 

not at all how i do the thumb cast on either. . . the way i saw it done went under the outside yarn on both sides. . . it looked easier in the video though.


Blogger Carol said ... (Fri Jul 06, 07:17:00 PM EDT) : 

Looking forward to how the bracelet turns out! And it IS rather astounding how many ways wrapping string around a stick can be varied and all the weird and wonderful results!


Blogger Lynn said ... (Fri Jul 06, 08:26:00 PM EDT) : 

The socks are luscious, and the bracelet is definitely the right color!


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sat Jul 07, 08:36:00 PM EDT) : 

Very nice socks! One lucky sock pal! Sounds like an awesome knitting area! Good for you!


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