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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blue Plate Special

What's this?
It seems to be just my size.

Hmm...I'm sleepy...

This is a great place for a nap...

Maybe just adjust a bit...
Ahh...that's better...

Remind me why I went to the trouble of knitting a Blueberry Pi?

Sockapalooza socks have now been placed on separate needles to minimize detangling, and also to make it easier to rip back if I discover that I have missed placing a bead or two (or eight). I'm toying with the idea of making the beaded cuff part of the sock short - just adding some ribbing and calling it a day, but I think I will keep going.
It's not a project I can work on for long periods of time; partially because I haven't had long periods of spare time this week, and also because of the 3 pattern rows, I mildly dislike doing the "cabling without a needle" rows. I think that once I finish these, I will cast on for a plain old stockinette sock to give myself a break.
Because I can't be completely monogamous with the socks, I knit this today:

A gauge swatch for a Soleil tank out of my bamboo yarn. I'm even going to wash and block it. (OK, I didn't do the full 35 rows that I should have, but I disliked knitting the swatch even more than cabling without a needle.) It looks like my 4mm Options needles should work well. Oh, and to answer my Secret Pal: I LOVE THESE NEEDLES!!! I can't believe I waited so long to pick up a set! Although I cannot believe that the technology does not exist to somehow imprint the needle size on the needle itself.

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Comments on "Blue Plate Special"


Anonymous Nora said ... (Sat Jun 30, 06:33:00 PM EDT) : 

Such a cutie!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sat Jun 30, 07:21:00 PM EDT) : 

Ha ha! I was thinking the same thing about the Pi!

Soleil was a fun knit.


Blogger Rebel said ... (Sat Jun 30, 10:33:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh I know what you mean about the kitty pi. Sally wouldn't give it a second look. Of course she'll sleep on any of my other knitwear! -zuma


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sun Jul 01, 12:48:00 PM EDT) : 

Those darn kitties!


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sun Jul 01, 06:18:00 PM EDT) : 

Heh! Maybe that's why I've not made one for Sapphire yet! Your Sock pals socks are looking really good! Gah, I hate making big gauge swatches, always afraid I'll run out of yarn, I never make them the size they say, I always do at least 20 rows and 10 stitches over the stitch count. I know we need to do it, but hate it all the same!


Blogger Batty said ... (Mon Jul 02, 07:51:00 AM EDT) : 

So cute. And to answer your question: you made that Kitty Pi for the same reason you bought all those kitty toys (only to have the kitties neglect them and go nuts with the box the toys came in). Cats have weird preferences.

I love those socks.


Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Mon Jul 02, 12:37:00 PM EDT) : 

try putting the kitty pi on top of the table instead of the blue plate. perhaps that will entice them to sleep in it.


Blogger Sophia said ... (Mon Jul 02, 01:16:00 PM EDT) : 

Can I order one of those??

And that's a lovely sock pattern you're cabling away on, there.


Anonymous Your Knitty SP said ... (Mon Jul 02, 03:53:00 PM EDT) : 

Too funny, and so typical of a cat! Let me guess: he left white fur all over your plate cover too.


Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said ... (Mon Jul 02, 06:56:00 PM EDT) : 

Let's see . . . white cat, black placemat. Of course it was always in the cards.


Blogger Lorette said ... (Tue Jul 03, 07:26:00 PM EDT) : 

Very cute! My long haired orange cat loves to sleep on the seats of the dining room chairs, leaving wads of fur behind. We haven't figured out how to politely inform dinner guests that they have a backside full of orange cat hair


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