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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And now we do the Dance of Joy!

We sold our house!!!!!

Comments on "And now we do the Dance of Joy!"


Blogger Dianna said ... (Tue Apr 10, 08:11:00 PM EDT) : 



Blogger Trillian42 said ... (Tue Apr 10, 08:28:00 PM EDT) : 

Yay! Congrats!


Blogger loribird said ... (Tue Apr 10, 09:10:00 PM EDT) : 

Whoo-hoo! That's some good news!


Blogger jacquieblackman said ... (Tue Apr 10, 09:19:00 PM EDT) : 

Awesome! Congrats!


Blogger lynnm said ... (Tue Apr 10, 10:20:00 PM EDT) : 

COngrats! I can relate to that stress. Doesn't it fell nice to not have to worry about it any more?


Blogger Michelle said ... (Tue Apr 10, 10:48:00 PM EDT) : 

whoot!! Ah the relief!


Blogger Zonda said ... (Tue Apr 10, 11:26:00 PM EDT) : 

Awesome!! Congrats!


Anonymous shannon said ... (Tue Apr 10, 11:35:00 PM EDT) : 

Congratulations! Congratulations! That is AWESOME!


Blogger Yosemite said ... (Wed Apr 11, 06:31:00 AM EDT) : 

Congratulations! I am so happy for you.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Wed Apr 11, 06:59:00 AM EDT) : 

Woo hoo! Yup! It's definately spring! I take it a better offer came in after the funky offer?


Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Wed Apr 11, 10:38:00 AM EDT) : 

Yippie! Congratulations!
Now how is your search for a house going?


Blogger gretchen said ... (Wed Apr 11, 11:57:00 AM EDT) : 

wow!!! congratulations!!!!


Blogger Carol said ... (Wed Apr 11, 12:08:00 PM EDT) : 



Blogger Martina said ... (Wed Apr 11, 03:18:00 PM EDT) : 

Congrats!! That was quick! SO have you started house shopping yet? (the pain, the agony....)


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