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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Socks for me!

In addition to the Secret Pal package, I had a package from Janis waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Socks! Knit for me!!

After much scrutiny, Somerset gave her approval.
Janis and I were partnered up in the Knittyboard Sock Exchange; these socks were mailed ages ago, but Canada Post likes to hang on to my packages until the day after I go out of town.

The socks fit perfectly, and felt so good on my "ensconced in a pair of runners all day plus about 5.5 hours of flying" feet, that I wore them all evening.

The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks, and the socks are knit out of Mountain Colours Bearfoot (Lodgegrass colourway). Big round of applause for Janis!!!

By the way - I managed to lose yet another item on the plane during this last trip - there is a bit of a story behind it. During my previous week off, I went skiing (downhill and cross country) and hiking with no adverse effects. Then, on Saturday afternoon, I went to Wrap Zone to buy myself something to take on the plane with me. While walking back to my car, I slightly overstepped the curb and gave my ankle a good twist. Initially, I was fine to walk on it, but within a few hours, it was pretty sore. So I iced it all evening. On Sunday, I hobbled onto the plane, and was happy to see that nobody was sitting next to me. So I sat sideways and had my foot elevated. This meant that I had to lean my back against the armrest, so I rolled up my scarf and tucked it behind my back to use as padding. When the flight landed in Vancouver, I limped across the airport to the gate from which the Toronto flight was departing. Just as I was getting to the area, I realized that I had left my scarf on the plane. Sigh. It was one of those rayon pashmina type scarfs in a lime green colour, and a staple in my wardrobe. At least it was a very tasty wrap. So far, I haven't discovered anything left on the plane during yesterday's flight.

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Comments on "Socks for me!"


Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Sat Mar 31, 11:37:00 AM EDT) : 

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Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Sat Mar 31, 11:38:00 AM EDT) : 

Such lovely socks.

That's too bad about the scarf, did you try the airports lost and found? Hopefully one of the fllight attendants found it and turned it in.


Blogger Batty said ... (Sat Mar 31, 12:45:00 PM EDT) : 

Ouch! I've flown with a twisted ankle before, it's no fun. Put up your feet and knit, it'll help.

The socks are gorgeous. I love the way that colorway brings out the pattern. Kitty is still a bit suspicious, though!


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sat Mar 31, 12:50:00 PM EDT) : 

I cracked up at the thought of a Canadian Postal worker peeking around the corner--"Does she have luggage? Good! Let's deliver her package!"


Anonymous Janis said ... (Sun Apr 01, 10:45:00 AM EDT) : 

Ah, proof that they actually fit - whew! Thanks for your kind words - they were a fun knit.

Rotten luck swapping a wrap for your wrap. Definitely check about it -- we've had amazing luck recovering everything we've ever left behind on an airplane, including a very expensive camera, the document holder with ALL of our tickets, passports, etc. for a 2 week trip, etc., etc. Sending good vibes for retrieval!
x o -


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