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Friday, March 30, 2007

What do you mean you don't know where my car is???

Because moving isn't painful enough, our move is going to be a long drawn out affair. Already, I have "moved" about 4 suitcases of clothes during my last 2 trips for work - Kyle dropped them off at the rental house today. The hospital is picking up the cost of moving everything, including our 2 cars, so I had the bright idea to have the moving company pick up my car early, so I wouldn't have to rent a car the weeks I am working. It takes about 2 weeks for it to get shipped between BC and Ontario, so we thought that since they picked it up on Feb 27, I would definitely have it for March 19th.
Uh, no.
Apparently there was a mudslide somewhere and the train couldn't get through. So first we were told that it would arrive in Ontario March 22. Then March 26, then yesterday or today.

Today, I fly back to BC, get home from the airport, walk in the door and the phone rings. It's the moving company. They ask me if my car arrived yet. I point out that they are phoning me at my BC phone number, and wouldn't that be one of those bits of information that I should be getting from them rather than vise versa??? So apparently the projected date of arrival is now "early next week".

Anyways, back to less stress-inducing thoughts:

Here's Djaywalker B and my new hotel pet. I haven't yet decided on a name - the 2 contenders are "BOOP" and "PEEP the Sheep" (BOOP stands for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia, which is a relatively uncommon lung disease. I have always been very amused by the fact that I can use the term BOOP in a serious medical discussion: "Maybe we should try him on some steroids, because it sure looks like this guy has BOOP". PEEP stands for Positive End Expiratory Pressure, and it's important in managing people who are on ventilators. I love PEEP. Hi, my name is Ladylungdoc, and I am a respirology nerd). I'm leaning towards PEEP the Sheep (if only because it can be abbreviated), but the similarity to "Peeps" makes me hesitate.

Speaking of Djaywalker B, it fits perfectly with the decrease in the number of stitches across the sole. I didn't have much time to knit during my ICU week, but since that finished Monday, I managed to finish it to the point where I am ready to graft the toe.

I finished the short row toe at a DKC meeting this Wednesday, and was horribly confused as to why I was short a few stitches - the next morning I realized that since I knit the toe from the sole, I started out with fewer stitches than if I had knit it from the top. So I knit a few stitches together and I now have equal numbers to graft together. I gave some thought to frogging the foot of Djaywalker A and starting to re-knit it during my trip home today, but instead I worked on a gift scarf that I started back in November.

When I got home, in addition to the news about my car, there were some goodies waiting for me:

Mmmmmarzipan!!!!!!! And just released sock yarn!! From my knittyboard Secret Pal! (By the way - check out Greedo in the background - he's trying to decide if I'm distracted enough to not notice him jump on the kitchen counter)

This was also waiting for me in the mail...a full post about it tomorrow!

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Comments on "What do you mean you don't know where my car is???"


Blogger loribird said ... (Fri Mar 30, 10:10:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh no. Moving is tough enough without fiascos like that. Um, should I say, "I'm sure it'll show up soon," or is that asking for trouble?
Da Jaywalkers are looking good, and Boop/Peep is very adorable!


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sat Mar 31, 12:46:00 AM EDT) : 

Isn't it great how a Secret Pal package shows up at the end of a very tiring day!?

Love the BoPeep!


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sat Mar 31, 12:57:00 AM EDT) : 

Geesh, hope you get your car soon! Djaywalker is looking good!

I like PEEP the sheep! :)


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sat Mar 31, 10:26:00 AM EDT) : 

Ugh. Well on the plus side at least you're not paying for the movers' incompetence right? Yeah that doesn't help much does it!

I think he looks like a Peep, but I think I like Boop as a name more.


Blogger Batty said ... (Sat Mar 31, 10:38:00 AM EDT) : 

Looks like your socks fit perfectly! And I like PEEP the sheep. Well, maybe PEEP the SHEEP. The sheer amount of fun terminology is making me think about going to med school in my old days. You're such a bad influence!

I hope the moving people get their act together. The last thing youneed is more stress.


Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Sat Mar 31, 11:44:00 AM EDT) : 

Stupid computer....the photos in this post are not showing up on my computer.....but i can see images from your post before and after this one.....


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