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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Recipe for Snow

All you people who are bemoaning your lack of a White Christmas: visit Nederlass's blog to find out how to get these flakes on your blog.

In one of those cases of Life imitating the Internet, I looked over from my Blogger window to my Living Room window and saw this sky:
With the flash on, you can see that the haze it isn't fog - it's snow:

Comments on "Recipe for Snow"


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sat Dec 23, 11:26:00 AM EST) : 

I love the scenery shots you take--you capture the mood so well.

I lvoe the hat/tea cozy combo!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sat Dec 23, 11:50:00 AM EST) : 

That's so pretty! I wish we had snow.


Blogger ttbookjunkie said ... (Sat Dec 23, 08:05:00 PM EST) : 

Great pictures! We are having a white Christmas in my neck of the woods... a little too white.

Amanda :)


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