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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Down to the wire

If Da Socks were meant for me, I'd be set: Sadly, Kyle's a Men's size 11, not a Women's size 11. I spent much of yesterday sitting on the couch and knitting, and it feels like I made no progress. I think I got about an inch done on each sock. So much for my hope that I'd have them ready to wear for the Bears game today. Having them ready for Christmas Day isn't looking very good right now either. Doesn't help that I am on call today and will be spending part of my day seeing patients.

Exactly how was it that the Yarn Harlot managed to crank out a sock a day for a while there?

I grafted the second heel this morning, and I think that I didn't muck up the Kitchener stitch yesterday; I think I pulled the stitches too tight, BECAUSE THIS SEAM LOOKS LIKE A ROW OF PURL AS WELL!!!!!! Sigh. Zonda asked how I like the afterthought heel; I like it, but have some reservations - it does mean double the grafting, and there are also little "corners" at the ends of the grafted seam - I suspect that I should have switched to doing decreases every round for the last few rounds. But other than those 2 things, it does look nice and seems to fit Kyle's heel well.

Anyways, gotta get back to Da Socks.

Comments on "Down to the wire"


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sun Dec 24, 01:12:00 PM EST) : 

Well they do look great!! Yikes on double the kitchnering though!!

Size 11's...whew!! Go you!!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sun Dec 24, 05:19:00 PM EST) : 

Isn't the Yarn Harlot technically a professional knitter/knit writer? The rest of us schmoes have day jobs to add into the mix as well

Hm, would your patients care if you knit and treated?

"What's that you're experiencing? A hacking cough? Hm, could you hold that thought while I finish this round of decreases?"

Yeah that probably goes against the Hypocratic oath huh? ;-)


Blogger LadyLungDoc said ... (Sun Dec 24, 05:50:00 PM EST) : 

I was under the impression that she's a Doula. Judging by the backbreaking work that must be involved with this, I'm thinking that a life as a professional knitter would be doable.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sun Dec 24, 06:33:00 PM EST) : 

Good luck with the socks! My hubby also has size 11 feet, and you should have seen his Fuzzy Feet. E-normous, particularly pre-felting.

Enjoy the non-eggnoggy holiday drinks of your choice : )


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