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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


This was waiting for me in the Superbox today when I stopped to pick up the mail:

Check out the cute Cat Themed wrapping paper:

Somerset was quite interested to see what was in the box. Greedo less so.

Of course, Somerset loves any box.

Let's take a look at the inside - some beautiful Manos in teal, some yummy dark chocolate, a photo album, a shower gel and a wee little crystal squirrel. My SP is actually from Uruguay, so the yarn is not just pretty, it's meaningful. I am soo lucky to be matched with such great SPs!!

My Shrug is coming along nicely - I spent last evening picking up stitches. Now I just have to count them, because I am going to do "open chain ribbing" along the border, and I need a multiple of 6 + 2 stitches for it to work out. I've got at least 1.5 skeins left, so I shouldn't risk running out.

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Anonymous the kitchener bitch said ... (Thu Jul 06, 09:54:00 AM EDT) : 

I can't decide which is cuter - that shrug or that charming calico kitty of yours!


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