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Friday, June 16, 2006


MaryElla is almost complete - I was waiting for confirmation of Ute's wrist size, and then I decided that it wouldn't be a problem if it was too big, so if it was big enough to fit me, it wouldn't be too small on her. I managed to find a pink ribbon that matches the floss. Then realized that it is key to have an even number of holes to thread the ribbon through - as I discovered when I first thought I had finished and did a trial of threading the ribbon through. With an uneven number of holes, the ribbon entry and exit points were on different sides of the cuff. Doh!
Now I just need to thread another 50 or so beads on to the floss so that I can add the extra bit to make an even number of holes (and fit Ute's wrist, which needs just a wee bit more room).

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