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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Knitting monogamy

I have not worked on anything but the World Cup sweater for over a week. And I am just itching to start something else. It's straight knitting in the round right now, so I can do it as I watch a movie on the plane,look at web pages or read the newspaper.

I totally want to start something else(funny...I am not itching to finish any of my other WIPs). There's that sock yarn that my Knitty SP gave me, and I've also got some ribbon yarn to make a turkish string bag with. Not to mention Kitty Pi2, which will be oblong to fit their basket.

That being said, hubby is getting a kick out of me knitting something for him, and I do like the colour transitions of the Noro - I can see what the attraction of it is. The fact that the yarn varies in thickness as well as colour also makes it less monotonous. Hopefully this weekend DH will have a chance to try it on; I've done about 4 inches below the armholes so far.

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