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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A new frontier

Fuzzy Toes.

Painted Toes.

A Knitted Toe.

Yes, I have finally crossed over to the sock side; this is the beginning of my first ever pair of socks. I am using Wendy's toe up sock pattern (adapted to the Magic Loop), and will switch over to the Mata Hari pattern for the calf. The yarn is the great teal Socks that Rock that my Knitty Secret Pal sent me. I'm doing the toe-up pattern because I am intimidated by the Kitchener Stitch - to be honest, I've not really looked into how to do a Kitchener stitch, but I have seen enough posts about how it is a hassle to have an innate fear of it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Tue Jul 11, 11:01:00 PM EDT) : 

Ha! That's hilarious - I do cuff down because I'm afraid of toe-up, and I have no problems with Kitchener Stitch. It's funny what we create in our own minds, isn't it? Maybe we should both try the other next time and we can talk each other through it. :)

Glad you like the STR! Good luck!

-Knitty SP7


Blogger Kate said ... (Tue Jul 11, 11:29:00 PM EDT) : 

welcome to the addiction- like your sp i'm a cuff-down sock knitter, but i do warn you sock knitting is dangerously addictive, being cheap (comparatively, portable and u get to use 5 needles!


Anonymous Kristin said ... (Wed Jul 12, 10:26:00 AM EDT) : 

The kitchener stitch is not too bad. You just have to get in a rhythm. enjoy the socks. They do become addicting


Blogger Ari said ... (Thu Jul 13, 12:47:00 AM EDT) : 

Once I found out what I was doing wrong with my first (Magic stripes) and was able to do it correctly on this pair I loved it. It's easy, just takes a rythm. But I can't do it at my knit group because I can't concentrate.


Blogger mf said ... (Thu Jul 13, 07:15:00 AM EDT) : 

Oh the kitchener isn't all that bad at all really!!! Lovely STR color looks like your getting the hang of it.. I think those circs are harder to make socks with...Good Luck!


Blogger Ev said ... (Fri Jul 14, 01:20:00 AM EDT) : 

Let me know when you want to learn how to do the kitchener stitch... no charge. ;)

Socks ARE addicting. Before you know it, you'll be designing your own. Ask me how I know.

It's nice getting to know you this way, incidentally.


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