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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My first package!

My awesome Knitty Secret Pal sent me a "Fear of Socks Antidote":

[The cats were happy enough just to have a new box]

The kit contains everything I need to get started on my first pair of socks, complete with inspiration!

Damn Blogger - it crapped out on uploading pictures again!! Will have to complete the entry later

We are going to be doing some travelling in June, and now I have a nice portable project to work on. It's a good thing too - I am starting to accumulate sock yarns...

So far, I have managed to send stuff to my own Blogger downstream Pal, and should hopefully get my Knitty and One Skein packages out before we head out of town. MaryElla knits up superfast - thankfully much faster than stringing the beads goes! To add insult to injury, I didn't string all of the beads on, and ended up running out of beads before I was done. So I ended up unwinding the rest of the floss and threading more beads on. Now I just need to rewind the floss to keep it from becoming a tangled mess. I should have Ute's bracelet done before the end of the month. Speaking of tangled messes, I am going to go look for a ballwinder and swift, because Hubby isn't patient enough to hold my yarn while I wind it!

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