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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Art Show

I have now been matched with my Knitty SPs. My 3 downstream pals have quite a few similarities. I have to get around to making a summary sheet so I don't get them mixed up. Theoretically, I could keep detailed records of who got what, and when it was sent, but that's just not going to happen.

For the purpose of better edifying my readership (ha!) of who I am, allow me to present a little art show. These are the pieces of art that adorn our walls.

"Everything Counts In Large Amounts" A huuuge acrylic painting. Hasn't grossed out any of our visitors yet (at least that we are aware of)

Fox, Jaguar, and Kangaroo

Ink and watercolour drawings. The fox reminds me of Greedo, although I imagine that he fancies himself to be more like the jaguar. The kangaroo's belly is remniscent of Somerset.

Crawford Falls (B&W photo)
From our hospital gift shop, of all places.

Watercolour. Painted by the wife of our clinic's main "competitor".

Cat with Birds KitKatKlock from The World's Largest Gift Shop in Las Vegas. Oil painting - I drove by it daily for a few weeks, then finally decided to ask how much it cost. Turned out that it had been sold the day before, and was awaiting pickup. A week later I "commisioned" another painting like it - apparently mine is a bit more accurate in terms of the position of the birds in space.

And this Objet d'art is my Wedding Bouquet(c. 2000). Made by Me!
(Flowers from Lewiscraft, greenery and tape from Michaels - I doubt it cost more than $25) I also made bouquets for my bridesmaids out of white flowers. Instead of throwing my bouquet, we presented the 4 of them (mine and 3 bridesmaids') to DH's grandmothers and my great aunts. My bouquet was given back to us as an anniversary present by his Grandma.

OK - I have to confess that my incentive for doing this post tonight is to put off preparing for the Grand Rounds I am giving this Wednesday morning. "(NR)T for Two: nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy". V. exciting, I know. It should be a breeze, because I have given the rounds before, and just need to update one or 2 slides, but I HATE GIVING TALKS. I hate Public Speaking with a passion that is matched by little else. Man, I'm even considering giving my Mom a call rather than run through the rounds.

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Blogger Penny Karma said ... (Tue May 23, 08:51:00 AM EDT) : 

I loved the Art Show! That was really cool. I especially liked Jaguar and Gardenias.

I don't think I've ever been to an Art Show. Now I feel all kulchurred.


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