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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Belated Seattle entry

So April 28-30 I was in Seattle for the Seattle Yarn and Fibre Arts Expo. I took 2 workshops with Cat Bordhi. I was somewhat surprised at her appearance - I had expected her to be very bohemian, with long curly dark hair, layers of skirts and shawls, and dangly earrings with mismatched bracelets/bangles. Instead, she looks like a the former kindergarten teacher that she is.
Cat has a stunning resemblance to my aunt Che, if you ignore the different hairstyles and colouring. Note the smiles and chins - identical!

So I started a Mobius scarf the first workshop, which I finished a few days after I got home. It is incredibly huge, because I misunderstood her instruction and cast on 320 stitches rather than the 160 I meant to. It took me 45 minutes to complete each round, because you end up knitting each "edge" once, meaning each round was 640 stitches.

42 inches in diameter, unstretched!! I did like the way that the Jojoland yarn worked out, so I frogged the original, and reknit it this weekend with 150 stitches. I just need to do the applied I cord edging.

I purchased a bunch of yarn - most of it "bin ends" at $12 per lb. Also bought my first skein of sock yarn, as well as a few skeins of various yarns that I decided were meant for me.

The second workshop I started on a mobius basket that was to be felted. The yarn I had was an ebay purchase, and relatively thin gauge. I bought some Cascade 220 to go along with it. As I knit, my needles started to pick up some of the red colour from the yarn, which makes me wonder how much it will bleed when I felt it. I have subsequently bought more of the Cascade 220, so I might rip the original bascket back and make a felted bowl. I purchased my first non-icky stitch marker as well.
Again, pix will be uploaded when Blogger feels like it. I really should figure out how to use Picasa or Flickr.

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Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Fri May 12, 06:53:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh two things.

You can buy dye catchers to throw in the washing machine when you felt. That'll stop the dye from bleeding into other colors. I use them and they work. One is by, um, I dunno, the brand with the bullseye. The other looks like a hand towel and is reusable. But they work!

Flickr - I have a pro account and just figured this out recently. Once you upload a pic, you can click on the pic, and in the bars right above it, you'll see an option for "all sizes" and you can pick whatever size pic you want to post on your blog, and it'll give you the code for it. That's how I've been getting the bigger pics on my blog lately. It works! I can help if you need it.


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