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Thursday, May 25, 2006

After 1 week...



Definite growth visible on the fingers, but with the pale colour, it isn't an issue. I can't really bring myself to having designs done on my nails - the "nail artist" suggested having the nail divided diagonally with a darker colour on the outer half, with an even paler colour up against the cuticle to make it less obvious when it grows out, but it's too flashy for me. I don't really feel right about having my nails "stand out". It's different with clothing - hell, I have leopardskin pants that I sometimes wear to work - than with accessories. I guess I don't like my accessories to get all the attention; I would rather that they meld with the total package. Noticable, but not screaming out.

Picked up a package from the post office containing goodies for my Secret Pals. Man, the Internet makes it way more tolerable to live some distance from a big city. Although it is highway robbery that Customs charges a $5 handling fee on somthing that only had $2 in tax and duty costs!

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