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Monday, April 17, 2006

yarn theory

This is the coolest thing
Using crochet to demonstrate hyperbolic space. I was walking through the radiology department this weekend, and a Discover Magazine caught my eye - the lead title was UNIntelligent design - are viruses the mother of all life? I then noticed the headline "knit the universe". So I pinched liberated the magazine.

And there's a knitting pattern here

I enjoyed the math courses I took in University - I think that's why I like pulmonary physiology. It may be a sad statement about my life that I looked at the knitting pattern and thought "That might make a good cat toy..."

Actually, I am giving some thought to working on something like that on the plane when I fly East on Thursday for my DH's Dad's wedding. I think that my Somewhat Cowl will be at a point where I really should be trying it on. There's always the checkerboard tank, I guess... Speaking of the SC, I am almost at the end of skein #2, and am already starting to wonder if I should have bought more yarn (I bought 9). Still 3 skeins left at the site I bought it from, but it's a flat $9 for shipping. I wonder how it would look with the ribbing in a contrasting colour?

Speaking of the DH - he doesn't like it when I knit in public around him. We had a chat about it this weekend, and he said it's because it is granny-like behavior. I then made him look at the following blogs, etc. to demonstarte that young hip people knit:

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