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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Piece of Pi

I am currently working on a felting swatch for the Kitty Pi's. I'm using 1 strand of the Bartlett yarn on US7 bamboo dpn's. For reasons that are beyond explanation, I had decided to use scissors to open the package of yarn and not be careful with them. This led to me snipping through several threads on one skein of the wool. Which wasn't such a horrible thing, since I am just using those pieces for the swatch. I'll need to double up the yarn to make it "bulky". I think I will use 2 different colours, and the smaller ball that remains from the (slightly) mangled ball will allow me to "stagger" the blending of the colours. I just need to pick up some larger sized dpn's; hopefully I can hit Art of Yarn before it closes tomorrow. I will also need to pick up a zippered pillowcase.

In Somewhat Cowl news, I have joined the front together; I did it while flying home this morning. I ended up twisting the stitches twice! But now it is set, and I am about 2 or 3 rows down. I need to switch to a shorter cord. I haven't gotten around to trying it on yet. Hell, I haven't gotten around to eating dinner. I need another set of hands and another set of eyes so that I can type + knit, or eat + knit, or eat + type.

Once again, the camera is in another province, so no pictures tonight.

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