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Friday, May 05, 2006

Pi in the oven

Pi in the great outdoors to be honest. I am in the midst of my first ever felting project. I tried using a Woolite laundry bag that is a very fine mesh, but I think some fibres ended up in the machine. I will have to track down an actual zippered pillowcase. I bought 3 tennis balls at the dollar store and threw them into the machine. Stank to high heaven. Subsequently added a pair of old cargo pants and then a pair of old runners.

Here is the prefelted pi
Greedo likes it, and Somerset hides in it:

"Are you still there with that camera?"

The pi is being blocked on one of their scratching posts that is wrapped in towels, with the bottom flattened by a patio table.

There's still a bit more stitch definition than I would like.

I only ran it partway through the wash cycle, and didn't rinse it. I was paranoid that it would suddenly shrink into oblivion. When it dries, I will see how stiff it is. It might get re-felted when we get back next week. We are heading down to Washington State - our exact route is TBA, because the BCAA office was closed when we finally made it there today.

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