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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

happy may

finally posting after quite some time.
Here's my almost completed Kitty Pi, which is going to take just over 3 skeins of Bartlett Yarns 2 ply yarn (plus 1 skein of Patons CiCi as the trim - I am not a fan of the whole eyelash look, and Somerset would just end up grooming the eyelash):
I am knitting the last part inside out, because the little bobbly thingies on the Patons CiCi yarn are exactly one stitch apart, and they keep going to the back of the stitch, so I decided to harness that particular quality. I love how knitting exercises your problem solving muscles.
Here's an action shot - me knitting, Greedo sleeping, and Somerset keeping track of my progress. Amazing how the shot includes the only 2 items of cat themed decor that we have in the house (aside from scratching posts). Judging from this shot, you'd expect me to have a pink sweatshirt with kittens on the front (come to think of it, MIL gave me one for Xmas once - went directly to Sally Ann)

This is me getting Somerset love. She sniffs things like a dog does. When I held her at the humane society, she started to sniff my watch; that's when I fell in love with her and decided to take her home.

I of course should be blogging about the Seattle Knitting Expo, but will try to get to that tomorrow. French class tonight.

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Blogger Jen said ... (Wed May 03, 08:47:00 PM EDT) : 

hey lisa... I just got your package in the mail today... thank you so much for the surprise sock yarn! I'm off to find something to highlight the fun color.

Somerset is awfully cute. I'll bet she'll be even cuter licking the bobbly things in her new bed when you're done.


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