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Saturday, April 22, 2006

necessity is the mother of serendipity

Am currently midway through a trip back "home". I decided to take my Somewhat Cowl to work on during my 4 hour flight on Thursday, and then realized as I was driving to the airport that I had forgotten to brong any scrap yarn. When I took my knitting out, I decided that I could just use some of the really long cast on tail that I had not intentionally created. So I went into my makeup bag to grab my wee little travel nail clippers, and realized that they were still in another purse, since I had been using them to cut yarn during my trip to LA back in February. Since I only had one row to do before slipping the sleeves off of the needle, I resorted to splitting the 4 plies in 2, and then cutting the yarn with my teeth (one of my lower canines was chipped when I was a child, so it has a bit more of a point to it than the other one, and comes in handy sometimes). [posting of the project will follow - timing depending on whether my hubby brought the USB cable for the camera or not]

Then, yesterday, I went to check out a hospital near here since we are thinking of relocating. I wore a spring coat over my outfit because I had to leave fairly early, and it was still on the cool side. I took the GO train there for 9, and left at around 3 (hubby picked me up in the car). We stopped at a power mall to pick up some wrapping stuff for the wedding gift (my father in law is getting remarried today - fodder for an entire blog entry of it's own!), and I realized that I had not taken my coat with me when I left the hospital. I had hung it on the back of an office door, and since the door was open, I had totally forgot it. Since I am wearing a sleeveless dress today, and it is likely to rain, this was a problem. So we went to the nearby fashion mall, and initially stopped in at Fairweather. There were some rain jackets on sale, a few of which were not half bad styles, but I didn't like any of the colours available. Granted, I only needed something that I could wear once, and then give away, but I was so pissed off at myself for making this mistake that I wasn't willing to buy something that wasn't something I would wear again. So we went to The Bay, and after much searching through the new spring stuff, I managed to find a lovely 3/4 length jacket in a cream colour with some gold stitching on the clearance rack. It looks like a 60's vintage coat; I think it's by Nygard. It's not perfect for the dress, but I really like it, as did hubby. The surprising this is that the sleeves were not horribly short despite the fact that it is a size 12petite! I have bought petite skirts and cropped pants in the past, but I'm used to the sleeves on regular sizes being too short for me. And, it ended up costing around $35, about $100 less than the original price. When we get home, I will see if the sleeves can be lengthened a bit. It's such a great jacket; I will be able to wear it with dressy stuff as well as with jeans. Here's me, the coat, and my handsome Hubby. Take note of the corsage that drove me crazy all day - Gerbera daisies are nice, but they suck as corsages - it's too vertical. I tried to bend the stem, but wasn't able to bend it to the right angle that would have made it wearable. I felt like I was walking around with a third boob.

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