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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Who wants Pi?

I did a semi felt of my Kitt Pi swatch last nightso I don't think I am dealing with superwash wool. There's stil alot of stitch definition, but hopefully I can get a better felt when I do it for real.

I picked up some US 11 birch DPNs at my LYS yesterday, as well as some bobbly carryalong stuff to use for the brim. I started out using to strands of the dark blue yarn, and used that until the wee little ball of dark ran out - now I am switching that strand to the medium blue yarn. I purposely snipped a few of the threads in the medium blue skein before rolling it into a ball; I ened up with 2 little 12 foot or so lengths, and 3 larger balls of decreasing size.
The amount of medium yarn in the largest ball is less than the dark yarn currently remaining, so when the medium runs out, strand #2 will be the light blue yarn. After the dark strand runs out, I will use light blue + medium blue. I will try to include some medium + medium as well as some light+light pairings, depending how much yarn I actually end up needing. This will probably be the project I take down to Seattle with me on Friday.
Some of us can't wait.

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