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Sunday, March 05, 2006

a week without knitting

I haven't touched my knitting since last Sunday; not on purpose, but just a combination of being busy and fate. The fate aspect being that I went to my Wednesday night knitting group with my projects in my brand new knitting bag, only to find that I did not have the needles to use! My tank top is on both of the 4mm needles, and I didn't have a spare needle to use as a stitch holder. As it happened, nobody else showed up, so I just drank my chai and headed home. The other non-knitting opportunity was the fact that I drove up to the ski hill on my own rather than being a passenger.

We flew to Vancouver this weekend, and I ended up sleeping on the plane both ways. I was wearing a big heavy "curling sweater" that my Grandmother knit for my Dad; it worked well for the weather we had. I think this sweater is several years older than I am. As you can see, it is great to cuddle up in:

For a moment I considered frogging it and knitting something new, but I do actually get wear out of it. So I decided I might as well keep it as is. On the plane today a woman across he aisle from us was raving about how it was such a classic. There's a dropped stitch in the back that I will have to figure out how to fix.

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