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Sunday, February 12, 2006

picovoli KAL

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I have decided to be a late entry into the knitting Olympics. I am working on Tivoli. I ecided to work on it while riding to and from the ski hill today. On my way up, I flipped the work around and didn't realize until I had put all of the stitch markers on that I had done so - my first clue should have been the fact that the ends weren't joined (actually, before that, I did a few stitches but realized that it was twisted into a mobius strip). So the first part of the ride down the hill consisted of me ripping out the first row and starting over again. And getting nauseated - I think that knitting while riding on a windy highway might have been a bit much to ask of my vestibular system.

I'm kind of wary about this project - I'm doing the 36 inch size, because my bust measurement is 37 inches. I'm rationalizing that I should err on the side of being a bit larger because my bra band measurement is 31 inches - since most people have a much greater differential between their bra band and their bustline, a smaller size might be a bit too tight across my rib cage. At least I can try it on when it is partly done. I swear by all that it holy that I will frog it and start over if it seems like the size I am doing is too large. I'm also going to add onto the length, because it is almost guaranteed to be too short for me.

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