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Wednesday, February 15, 2006



I realized last night that I dropped a stitch about 6 rounds ago. It will mean that there is a small hole on the arm - I will post a photo once my camera gets back from the trip it took my husband along on. It may have happened when I ripped back to correct a mistake I made by either k-f/b when I wasn't supposed to, or vise versa. I have also run into problems with the needle becoming detached from the cord (I am using Denise convertible needles) when I am trying to move bunched up stitches along the needles (it's happened both times while ripping out mistakes, to add insult to injury!) I haven't used circular needles for a few years, and because this cord is almost the same thickness as the needle, I have problems with stitches getting hung up right at the connection between the needle and cord. If I twist the stitches around to try to manipulate them, I have to be careful not to twist the needle and disconnect it.

I am not sure whether or not it will be on the front or back of the arm. I don't have the heart to rip 140+ x 6 stitches, so I will leave it as is. I still have some concerns that the 36 inch may be too big; it will have to wait until I get to the bust before I find out if I should just start over.

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