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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Customs declaration

We returned to Canada via Calgary, and had the shorted interaction with Customs known to man. We said "hello", handed the Customs agent our passports, and he said "Welcome back", and we were on our way.

So I missed out on my opportunity to answer the question "What did you purchase while you were outside Canada?" with a one word answer:


4 skeins of Enigma (morocco colourway) at 50% off

3 skeins of Tartelette at 50% off

8 skeins of Filatura di Crosa adhoc Sandalo (100% silk) at 50% (or more) off - I think she miscalculated and gave me an even bigger discount - it was less than $4 US per 50g skein

8 skeins of Berroco Lang Zeta at $4US/50g (regular price $8.75US). I am currently swatching it for Picovili. I am using my brand new Denise interchangeable needles. [Purchased from my LYS here at home. For more $$ than they would cost on ebay, but no wait, and I'm helping to keep them in business.]

5 skeins of Naturally Colourworks at 30% off. Very similar in colour to the first skein that I bought some time back on sale from my LYS - in fact, I think it was my very first purchase from that shop. It signalled the start of my return to knitting.

And this is why it is very very important to check dye lots:

No, there's not something wrong with your screen - the top skein really does look like the yarn sat out in the sun for a year or so. Same yarn, same colourway. I guess after the first 6,000 lots, the dye gets a bit watered down!! Guess which batch the 16 skeins that are going to be made into a sweater come from.

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