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Monday, February 27, 2006

Tivoli is done!

Finished today. Well, finished knitting that is. I still need to figure out how to block it, as well as weave in the loose ends. 21.5 inches long from mid neck to the bottom and 23 inches from shoulder to bottom (measured flat - I can't locate my measuring tape, and am using a rigid ruler). I had one full skein and a tension swatch left.

This is actually my first completed garment (as compared to scarves, mits, etc). I did learn a few things; like the imporance of counting stitches intermittently, using a marker to keep track of the first stitch when knitting in the round, that I need to buy extra yarn because most things need to be lengthened.
Also, using the tip of your thumb/finger to advance stitches over the needle leads to chapped skin.
I'm not thrilled with how this castoff worked - the only other thing I knit on circs before was a hat, so I didn't need to cast off - just strung thread thru the loops.

It's a bit of a letdown to have the "Knitting Olympics" over and done with. I have my basketweave tank and Danica scarf to finish off. Not sure what the next project will be - I might just cast on 2 of them. Probably the chevron tank as well as the 2 button cardigan. The tank is fingering yarn, and the cardigan is a bulky fabric, so working on one will be a definite break from the other.

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Blogger Elizabeth said ... (Mon Mar 20, 10:24:00 AM EST) : 

You can easily hide that last jog at the hem of your Tivoli. Use your tapestry needle and pass the tail through the first stitch of the round, and then back through the loop of your last stitch of the round, then darn to the inside.

Enjoy your lovely top this summer!


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