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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The ongoing Tivoli Saga

This was yesterday morning:

"Argh! I just finished the yoke, and didn't have the foresight to count my stitiches intermittently. I should have 284 sts, and I have 299 - I think I did one too many repeats of the "knit 1 round even, work 2 inc rounds",because that would explain 16 extra stitches (and dropping one stitch somewhere would make for 15 extra stitches).

When I get home from work I will try it on to get some sense of if it's too big - I am about to castoff for the armholes, so it will be a very rought guess, I suspect. As I see it, my 2 options are - rip it back 3 rounds ( almost 600 stitches - sigh!), or cast on a few less stitches for each armhole and throw in a few k2togs and ssk to get rid of the excess."

I tried it on, and it didn't seem overly huge - in fact, trying it on reminded me that my upper arms are muscular, and that I shouldn't sacrifice armhole dimension. I also learned that it takes a bit of time to get it off the needles and onto scrap yarn and then back onto the needles again - seriously cut into last night's knitting time (so I of course stayed up knitting until 1 AM to make up for it)With some "k2tog"s at the beginning and the end of the armholes, I now have the requisite 198 stitches on the needle. However, I am now supposed to place a marker after knitting 50 stitches, but I'm not exactly sure where the starting point is supposed to be - it looks like it's supposed to be the beginning of the round. It dawns on me that maybe I was supposed to have a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round. When I get home from the hospital today, I will make a diagram and try to figure out where in the garment the 4 new stitch markers are supposed to go, and if the starting point actually IS the beginning of the round, I will just start from the midway point of the back. Although come to think of it, the 2 wonky patches may both be in the front, so I may flip the garment around. I will have to take a read through the pattern, because I admit that I don't know if the back and front are different (presumably it would be because of the bust effect, but who knows?)

I can't wait until our digital camera comes back from the trip it took my husband on so that I can post some photos.

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