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Friday, March 17, 2006

new KAL

I had decided to give up buying yarn for Lent - and instead work on finishing some of the things I have going, and possibly start something I already have the yarn for. Then the Sexy Knitter's Club KAL came along - the winner was the Somewhat Cowl - and I was the one who nominated it. Yay for me.

Which leaves me with the following dilemma - if I'm not buying yarn until Easter, and the KAL starts April 1 and ends mid May, what is a poor lapsed Catholic like myself to do?

Well, first I have to find the yarn that I will or will not buy. I had thought about using some of the Fiddlesticks Country silk, but I don't really want to do it in a variegated yarn. I wanted a teal yarn, maybe a cotton/silk blend. I managed to stop by my LYS en route from the hospital to the office today, and was initially despairing that anything in gauge was eitehr pastel, black, or white/cream. I then found a ribbon yarn that will work, and has a nice matte texture that supposedly looks like suede when knitted up. Will have to look at my Vogue reference book to see how alpaca behaves in terms of stretching; since I have a 37 chest, I can either go up to 38 or go down to 36. From looking at the Craftster thread, I might incorporate some shaping at the waist. Since I don't have a big chest, it is nice to accent my relatively narrow waist (and ignore the fact that this may also highlight my not so narrow hips - at least I don't have a flat butt)

And Lent? Maybe I will give up chocolate once I actually buy the yarn (no does that mean once I pay for it, or once I receive it...good thing I'm not religious or I would fear burning in Hell for playing the semantics game)

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