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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slate Grey is the new Silver Sage...

...or so the latest Restoration Hardware catalogue tells me.
Given my iconoclastic tendencies, the combination of a "x is the new y" statement with a business which is hawking "I want everyone to think I am stylish, and a unique individual, so I will buy these quirky/luxurious accessories that are so nicely laid out for me because I couldn't pick out home furnishings with character on my own if I tripped over them" type overpriced items led to much eye rolling on my part. That and a brief moment of amusement when I imagined hordes of lemmings their customers tossing out their Fine Egyptian Cotton Silver Sage towels, and their subsequent horror when they realize that the Slate Grey linens line won't be out until the next issue.

But enough about people who have more money than sense/style/guts etc.

How about some knitting?

This is the first of my 2 Olympic projects - Cable Baby Cardi the First:

Baby jacket 1 feb 15

We were in Ottawa last weekend, so I had the chance to meet up with some of the local knitters there for some knitting over brunch and a bit of a yarn crawl, as well as several solid hours of car knitting. I also went skating on the Rideau Canal and learned a valuable lesson - if you have not skated for more than 20 years, when skating on a canal, you should really turn around before the 5.4 km point; my ankles are still recovering.
Monday was Family Day, which I observed by hanging out with The Gambler, the cats, and the couch. By Monday evening I had finished the first sleeve and was a few rows into the second sleeve. Then I started work Tuesday morning, and it is only tonight that I am able to pick it back up again. It is currently a race to see if my pager will go off before I get to the end of the sleeve.


Comments on "Slate Grey is the new Silver Sage..."


Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said ... (Sat Mar 13, 01:12:00 PM EST) : 

Very Hans Brinker. Sounds like fun.


Blogger Batty said ... (Sun Mar 14, 02:54:00 PM EDT) : 

So... who won the knitting vs. pager race?


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