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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wrap up

I had to go to a meeting at the hospital on Wednesday, so it was The Gambler who rescued picked up Somerset from the penitentiary vet hospital. He said that she was meowing non-stop all the way home, but the second her cage made it across our threshold she started purring. When I did get home, she made strange for a minute or 2, but then remembered me. Since then, she's been an almost permanent fixture on the couch beside us.

She is her usual sweet self, and is eating better than before she went into the hospital. The only external sign of anything having been done is the patch behind her right shoulder where they shaved her fur to do an ultrasound of her heart (she's got a benign heart murmur).

She hasn't demonstrated any new Spider Cat super powers (yet.)
Greedo is relieved that all is right with the world again; when we came back from watching a movie Thursday, he wasn't sitting in the front window waiting for us.
The wrap ended up taking 2 months and 7 days to knit. I'd hoped to finish it before my Wednesday SnB, but when I picked it up that morning, something wasn't right:

I had mucked up the 4th to last square. The problem was that at this point, I was only checking the pattern to see how many rows before a colour change, and what colour came next. So I missed the instructions to cast on 12 stitches.
It was easy enough to fix - I just ripped out that square and re-knit it. By the end of the SnB, I was on my last square. I was to tired to stay up long enough to finish it, so I finished it yesterday morning.
Of course, I have some ends to deal with:It's not as bad as it looks - I wove in most of the ends as I knitted it - I'd estimate that 90% of the ends just need to be trimmed.
I decided to block it first for 2 reasons:

1) Blocking it with wires seemed like a cinch compared to dealing with ends (especially since The Gambler was able to help me slide the wires through the edges stitch by stitch).

2) I thought it would be better to weave the ends in with the fabric "stretched out"; hopefully this way I can avoid having ends showing through. I am going to try to hide the ends in the "seams" (where I picked up stitches) as best I can.

I have a fair amount of yarn left over. Just to remind you, this was what I started with:
wrap yarns
It was a nice project, but I was happy to be done with it; I'd consider knitting something similar in the future, but wouldn't do it right away.

Now, what to start next?


Comments on "Wrap up"


Blogger Maggie said ... (Fri Nov 21, 03:57:00 PM EST) : 

How's it going with needing gloves to handle Somerset? Glad Greedo has his friend home at last.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Fri Nov 21, 07:45:00 PM EST) : 

Hee hee, so damn cute!

Wow, stitch-by-stitch wire blocking? I think that impresses me more than the ends!


Blogger Not An Artist said ... (Fri Nov 21, 07:47:00 PM EST) : 

Wow. That is a lot of ends. It is gorgeous though, very worth it :)

And I'm glad to hear all is right with the kitties again.


Anonymous Melissa said ... (Fri Nov 21, 11:24:00 PM EST) : 

Your wrap turned out lovely. I didn't think it would be that drapey from the WIP photos.

Hooray for Somerset coming home! I hope her health problems are over.


Blogger tannina said ... (Sat Nov 22, 06:06:00 AM EST) : 

The Wrap has come out great! And Somerset seems happy again


Blogger betseydoodle said ... (Sat Nov 22, 07:29:00 AM EST) : 

the wrap is beautiful! Well worth the effort!

So nice to see your kitties all cuddly again. You can tell that they are very close.


Blogger Vaedri said ... (Sat Nov 22, 05:57:00 PM EST) : 

So glad to hear kitty's home and getting better.

Did I just hear you credited in a Spark podcast? :)


Blogger Yarn Devil said ... (Sun Nov 23, 08:40:00 AM EST) : 

Beautiful wrap... glad to hear kitty is very happy to be home!


Blogger Dreams of Yarn said ... (Sun Nov 23, 09:18:00 AM EST) : 

Its so beautiful, it looks like stained glass when you hold it up to the light like that!


Anonymous Cathy said ... (Tue Dec 16, 03:13:00 AM EST) : 

Looks fab.


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