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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tee and Toast-er... a term I learned in medical school. It refers to little old ladies who primarily exist on tea and toast, subsequently developing various nutritional deficiencies. (Sadly, many of them may become much more common as the economy tanks).

Recently, while wading through my bloglines backlog, Polkadotmocha led me to Toast.

Which seems to be the perfect solution of what to do with T-shirts, 3/4 length and "bracelet length" (i.e. "they aren't supposed to be cropped, but they are too short for my arms") sleeves in the winter. Since I am still not completely won over by the concept of fingerless gloves (because if my wrists and palms are cold, the ends of my fingers are cold too), I like the fact that I can pull them down to cover up my hands/fingers if need be.

When I bought this Noro sock yarn, I had planned to use them to knit striped knee socks. (BTW - I came up with the idea, and told Glenna about it as we stood in front of a Kureyon Sock display. Glenna is a knee-high sock knitting GENIUS, and thus cranked out a pair faster than you can say "Kitchener Stitch". She's even the same height and shoe size as me, so that's alot of knitting)
But maybe they're the right ingredients for Toast.

Of course, I've got several options - to alternate colours every few rows, to double up the yarn, or, to do a combination of doubling up the yarn AND alternating colours. I'm envisioning knitting with 2 skeins of each colour, and to switch from doubling of one colour to a strand of each colour to doubling the second colour.
It might look really cool...or it might look like crap.

Man. I have to learn how to knit in my sleep.


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Blogger Bezzie said ... (Wed Nov 19, 09:28:00 AM EST) : 

Wow, I didn't realize tea and toasters existed in this day and age. I've always just read about them in quaint depression-era novels!

But Toast would look really cool in those yarns!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Wed Nov 19, 12:12:00 PM EST) : 

I was just looking at my other Kureyon sock skeins (because of course I have more) and thinking about doing some more knee-highs... It IS getting awfully cold outside. Mmm, knee-highs. Wait, I think I just changed all of my knitting plans for the week.

(Though in my defense I would like to register that the noro stripes was totally in my head already at the time ;) Damned Brooklyn Tweed and his noro scarves...)

With these though, it is all about the yarn. The Noro striping makes you knit them faster. It is like crack. The "just one more stripe" phenomenon is key!


Blogger Jo said ... (Wed Nov 19, 12:54:00 PM EST) : 

>> Man. I have to learn how to knit in my sleep.

When you figure out how, teach me!


Blogger Carol said ... (Wed Nov 19, 04:35:00 PM EST) : 

Can't wait to see. I'm beteting it'll be tasty warm and lovely.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Fri Nov 21, 01:58:00 AM EST) : 

I can't wait to see them, they're going to be awesome! Such a great idea.

I'm on a geriatrics rotation at the moment so, sadly, am seeing quite a lot of tea and toast syndrome myself... it took me ages to figure out what the phrase meant!


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