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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can I be excused? My brain is full.

I finished The Feed My Brain Socks before the end of the conference.
Their near-identical state is partly luck; it didn't occur to me to specifically start right at a colour change, so I guessed how far in to the lime green I should start - I'm only off by a row or 2.
Toe up, hybrid heel, Look-Ma-I-can-knit-without-looking-stockinette; took 2 weeks to knit.
It seemed such a waste to have nothing to knit during the last part of the conference, so I cast on for another pair of socks:

These are The Stick to Your Ribs Socks - simple 2x2 garter ribbing.
I like the way that this stitch pattern works with the colour changes - blends them in a bit more. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit in the Sunset 8707 colourway.
Where does this sock name come from? Well, since every second round is straight stockinette, I have to pay a bit of attention to it to make sure I switch back to a K2P2 row - or else I'll miss the ribs.
Ribbing, ribs? Stick to the pattern? Get it? Stick to your... never mind.
The sock is probably going to fit more loosely than if it was straight stockinette, so I am hoping to make them a bit longer. My intention was to make The Feed My Brain Socks as long as possible. When I had 53g of yarn left, I switched to the ribbing - I didn't weigh the sock, because I thought the circ would affect the accuracy. I didn't expect to have very much yarn left at all; I made a mental note that the hybrid heel used way more yarn than a short row heel. So imagine my surprise when I finished the second sock:
Wait a minute...
The skein (I stuck the remaining yarn into one of the socks for the purposes of weighing) was almost 10% underweight! And I was worried about the weight of the circ throwing off my calculations!!
Because I had the foresight to a) weigh this new skein before I started, and b) start right at a colour change, I should be able to easily match up the second sock to the first.
I hope I'm not tempting the yarn gods to create a Noro-like knot plus colour jump 3/4 of the way through the skein.

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Comments on "Can I be excused? My brain is full."


Blogger Yarn Devil said ... (Tue Nov 18, 09:58:00 AM EST) : 

Love your socks... Love the stick to your ribs socks... Colours are beautiful!!!! And you have great luck to have the colours work out so evenly!!! I attempted that and ended up out a bit.... but they were still beautiful socks when they were done! :)


Blogger Dreams of Yarn said ... (Tue Nov 18, 10:56:00 AM EST) : 

Love the 'stick to your ribs' socks! They look VERY cozy


Blogger Maggie said ... (Tue Nov 18, 01:11:00 PM EST) : 

Love the striped socks.

Here's a thought: Weigh the new skein, then weigh the new skein with the circulars stuck into them and subtract the difference. Then you know how much the needles weigh. I suggest doing it this way because my circulars are too light to be weighed on their own on my scale.

(Sending good thoughts to Somerset!)


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