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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deviation from Standard.


I was so excited that I could knit the Monkey Socks Pattern as is. Once I did a few pattern repeats, I tried the sock on. And it was difficult to slip it over my heel. But I could pull it on if I used some force, so I knit on. I decided to add some extra stitches when it came to the heel, and was part way down the foot. I had got alot done when I was stuck in the hospital Saturday night because of the snowstorm; it was probably 60% completed. Yesterday, I tried the sock on to see how much further I had to go before starting the toe.

That was when I finally faced reality - it's REALLY REALLY difficult to slip the sock over my heel. And the pattern is pretty stretched out when it's on my foot.

The sock is too small, and this is the reason why:

12.5 inches - that's how far the sock has to stretch to make it over my heel. A pattern that boasts that the lace pattern easily stretches up to 12 inches? No good for me. Sigh. I guess I qualify as having a high instep. And nothing I do can change it - I could lose 50 lbs and those bones wouldn't get any closer together.

Once again, it's been frogged. I'm now knitting it using an adaptation to the pattern that enlarges it to 72 stitches.

Speaking of bones - I really wish that I had shorter arm bones:

Sleeve progress is snail-like.

So what better way to console myself than to start a new project? This is Standard Deviation from the book Knitting New Mittens & Gloves:

Yes, I am knitting myself some fingerless gloves. My rationale is that I am taking a cruise to Alaska in May, and it's going to be a bit nippy at times, but I fear being mocked by Alaskans if I wear real mittens. Plus, it's a chance to try some colourwork before I cast on for Glenna's Amazing Argyle Socks. It's also a bit of a stashbuster - these are the yarns I am using:

I had the blue, the blue marl, and the purple yarns in my stash (buying 3 single skeins of 3 different colors of sock yarn seemed like a good idea at the time). Today I picked up the white and the purple marl - I'm going to Kool-aid dye the white yarn red. Because none of the colours match those in the pattern, I will call these The Deviation From Standard Handwarmers.

BTW - Why is it that so many "stashbusting" projects end up requiring the purchase of new yarn?

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Comments on "Deviation from Standard."


Blogger Maggie said ... (Tue Mar 11, 10:39:00 PM EDT) : 

I just measured the same part of my foot the same way, and mine says 13" and this is the boniest part of my body (no matter how much weight I gain, the ankles stay the same, thank goodness!). I have very high insteps, too. This is why I can't wear the Pomatomus socks. The pattern looks fine everywhere else, but the way it distorts when stretched around that diagonal part of my heel looks really, really bad. I need to work out a way to increase the depth of the gusset without making a longer gusset.

The monkey socks stretch out on me, too, but not as unattractively. I knit them loosely, though. For my next pair, I decided that I'm just going to knit the pattern stitches around the cuff and go plain for gusset and foot.


Blogger Amy said ... (Wed Mar 12, 12:14:00 AM EDT) : 

I had to get in on the action, and I also measure in at 12.5". Maybe we should bind our feet? I know it shoves your bones around somehow...though come to think of it, that might actually make this problem worse!


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Wed Mar 12, 02:26:00 AM EDT) : 

Hmm, 11 inches here but let's just say, except for my exceptionally small pinkie finger, the only other part of my body that's small.

No one will laugh at you on the Alaska cruse--I know of 5 Californians who will be dressed like eskimos and shivering on the ship who will attract all the laughter.


Blogger Glenna C said ... (Wed Mar 12, 09:47:00 AM EDT) : 

Looking forward to your argyle progress! Be sure to tell me all and we will make the pattern even better I am sure. Nice colour choices.

Stashbusting always seems like a good idea until you find excuses to go to the LYS again...


Blogger Carol said ... (Wed Mar 12, 10:58:00 AM EDT) : 

How frustrating! Hope the mod works out. Pretty fingerless gloves.


Blogger LilKnitter said ... (Wed Mar 12, 11:20:00 AM EDT) : 

I like to think of fingerless mitts/gloves as 'sleeve extensions'. That way, I don't feel quite so silly coveting them!

I should measure my sister's feet; she has an unbelievably high instep, so, despite her small feet, I bet the number would be rather impressive!


Blogger CathyCate said ... (Wed Mar 12, 11:53:00 AM EDT) : 

Hmm, I remember someone who just in December was mocking fingerless mitts! ;-)

My father REALLY loved the ones I made him, when he was on a cruise of the Greek islands; the wind on the ship made his hands cold, but he takes tons of photos, so the mitts let him stay warmer while being able to operate the camera.

I like the mitts you're going to make, except the way they end so abruptly at the wrist. For me, I think I'd start them in a solid color k2p2 ribbing for the wrist, so they can tuck under a jacket/sweater sleeve, then increase to the colorwork part. Love your colors! With or without redyeing.

You have a lovely arch; great for ballet! But not so great for socks. I'm there with you. Thanks for the warning as I'm contemplating actually finally getting on the Monkey wagon sometime later this year & will have to modify too (not only arch but bunions).


Blogger Macoco said ... (Wed Mar 12, 04:49:00 PM EDT) : 

That is such a bummer about the socks. Now I want to go home and measure my foot.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Wed Mar 12, 07:26:00 PM EDT) : 

Hee hee, don't worry, the Alaskans you will be seeing don't see snow. Seriously, it's that snow that falls and melts in a day. I'm not sure they've seen mittens. You and the five Californians should hijack the boat ala those penguins in Madagascar and take the ship up north--see some real mittens!


Blogger Gotta Knit! said ... (Thu Mar 13, 07:33:00 AM EDT) : 

Oh, I use my fingerless gloves all the time. Course I live in Atlanta where I hear from my Northern born husband we don't really have winters.


Blogger Vaedri said ... (Sat Mar 15, 08:28:00 PM EDT) : 

I have a high instep, too, but I make up for it by being a very loose knitter. :) I'll have to measure when I find my tape measure. I'm also a somewhat disorganized knitter.


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