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Monday, January 07, 2008

There has been knitting...

I did manage to crank out a few FOs in the last 2 weeks - a product of the fact that if I wasn't working/sleeping, I didn't do much other than knit.

I finished the Speedy Yet Effective Shawl #1 aka Mom's Horribly Late Birthday Shawl:
simple yet effective #1 post blocking
Followed by Speedy Yet Effective Shawl #2 aka Aunt's Not Quite So Horridly Late Birthday Shawl...
simple yet effective #2 blocking
Knit out of 3 skeins (2 different colourways) of SWTC Karaoke.

And even though I had intended to give my friend Ute My Soho Called Scarf for Christmas, I realized that the Soho yarn is on the scratchy side, and so I knit a (Noro Striped Scarf-inspired) Mille Colori Striped Scarf for her.
millecolori striped scarf #1 folded
The colour changes make it interesting enough to keep knitting the 1x1 rib, and the simple 1x1 rib makes it easy enough to knit during other activities - like watching the Raptors game that we went to last Friday. I cast off this morning, exactly 36 hours after going to see a movie with Ute.
mille colori striped scarf self portait
And I swear by all that is holy that I am going to get started on a real sweater for me this week.


Comments on "There has been knitting..."


Blogger Dreams of Yarn said ... (Mon Jan 07, 12:40:00 PM EST) : 

No excuses, tomorrow is SnB and you can start a little something for yourself then! I have some great new books I'll bring if you need inspiration. Sensual knits has some great sweaters in it.



Blogger Somer said ... (Mon Jan 07, 01:11:00 PM EST) : 

Everything is beautiful, I am sure they will love your gifts. I definitely agree, it is time to start something for your self!
Enjoy and happy knitting!


Anonymous AS said ... (Mon Jan 07, 02:33:00 PM EST) : 

Hey, I like your eyelet refinement of the simple but effective shawl, enough so that I'm probably going to copy you at some point.


Blogger Chelle said ... (Mon Jan 07, 02:38:00 PM EST) : 

The colours of your scarf are fabulous! Hope to see you this week!


Blogger Oh Baby! said ... (Mon Jan 07, 05:20:00 PM EST) : 

the shawls look great. so does the scarf. nice!


Blogger Bobbi said ... (Mon Jan 07, 07:16:00 PM EST) : 

wow! now that it impressive! two shawls!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Mon Jan 07, 07:44:00 PM EST) : 

The shawl looks good and the colors in that scarf are simply hypnotic!


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Mon Jan 07, 10:41:00 PM EST) : 

Very pretty! You did all that in 2 weeks?


Blogger Gotta Knit! said ... (Tue Jan 08, 06:55:00 AM EST) : 

Wow, those shawls were fast! Love the blending of the colors on the Noro scarf. Course anything knit in Noro makes me lightheaded.


Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Tue Jan 08, 10:25:00 AM EST) : 

Those shawls looks great!


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