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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sheep and Stripes

Last year I knit a sheep tea cozy. Of course, both the Sheep Tea cozy and my copy of the pattern are AWOL - in a box somewhere. Sigh.

The yarn and pattern came as a kit; I bought it on ebay from a woman in Alberta. A friend of The Gambler asked him about the pattern (her mom wants to knit one), and when I was searching for the listing, I found that she now sells kits for a few other items. Such as:

Never before have I had the urge to knit a toilet roll cover. Maybe that will be my reward for finishing my sweater:

Yes, I cast on for my version of The Hourglass Sweater on Tuesday - I'm thinking of naming it The Patterns In The Sand Sweater (which I just realized can be shortened to PITSS - hmmmm). The pattern as written has a turned under hem, which I converted to a 7 row seed stitch border. I quickly realized that on 4 mm needles, a 2 row stripe was pretty thin, and to prevent the sweater from being one that would induce seizures (because I took an oath against causing suffering), I increased the minimum stripe size to 3 rows. So the bottom is 4 rows dark/3 rows light, the middle will be 3 rows light/3 rows dark, and the top will be 4 rows light/3 rows dark. I will probably try to follow that sequence in the sleeves as well.

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Comments on "Sheep and Stripes"


Blogger Michelle said ... (Thu Jan 10, 02:03:00 PM EST) : 

Oh I love the toilet roll cover too...she is brilliant!


Blogger loribird said ... (Thu Jan 10, 02:15:00 PM EST) : 

The stripes look great! And I think you made the right decision on the hem. Keep it up :)


Blogger Chelle said ... (Thu Jan 10, 03:19:00 PM EST) : 

I love that sheep toilet roll cover!! Imagine gifting our school's fundraising craft table with a multi-hued flock!!


Blogger Somer said ... (Fri Jan 11, 09:40:00 AM EST) : 

those sheepy items are awesome!
Your sweater is looking great! I still love the color combination you chose, it will look awesome on you.
Have a great weekend!


Blogger Macoco said ... (Fri Jan 11, 10:41:00 AM EST) : 

Your PITTS sweater is looking really nice. I like the purple/gray combo in there.


Anonymous Melissa said ... (Fri Jan 11, 01:14:00 PM EST) : 

Love your stripe colors! Do I see the beginnings of turquoise in there?


Blogger Bobbi said ... (Fri Jan 11, 05:13:00 PM EST) : 

LOL that toilet roll cover is too cute!

The sweater looks great


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Fri Jan 11, 08:10:00 PM EST) : 

That toilet roll cover would look great in your baaaaathroom.

I couldn't resist.


Blogger Batty said ... (Fri Jan 11, 08:12:00 PM EST) : 

I still have bad memories of 1970's toilet roll covers in those funky burnt orange/off-white/yuck brown combinations, but I have to admit that the sheep toilet roll cover is awesome. I want one!


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