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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I knit a sheep!

This was a quick project that I finished last night; I started it last Tuesday. It was nice and small, which made it good for my recent short trip.

So, what do you think it is?A Rowanoid hat?
(Yes, that Lion is STILL wearing his Christmas outfit)
Does this picture help?
It's a tea cozy!! Now Kyle doesn't have to use an item of outerwear to keep his tea hot anymore.
I bought the wool and pattern via ebay. The seller is a woman in Alberta who sells them as kits; the yarn is from her sheep. I can send her email address on to anyone who'd like it if you contact me via email - ladylungdoc AT hotmail.


Comments on "I knit a sheep!"


Blogger Ev said ... (Wed Feb 21, 11:10:00 AM EST) : 

Now, THAT is cute!!! As a hat, maybe a little too kitschy, but as for it's intended purpose, very cute!


Blogger loribird said ... (Wed Feb 21, 11:15:00 AM EST) : 

Very cute cosy! (It doesn't make such a bad hat either, in a pinch...)


Blogger Sandi Purl said ... (Wed Feb 21, 11:39:00 AM EST) : 

I LOVE IT!! especially as a hat. how cool is that!


Blogger jacquieblackman said ... (Wed Feb 21, 12:10:00 PM EST) : 

Holy-moley! That's cute!

I see a little bo-peep costume in your future.


Blogger Jo said ... (Wed Feb 21, 01:25:00 PM EST) : 

That's adorable! Willow would love something like that ;)


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Wed Feb 21, 02:56:00 PM EST) : 

That is too cute! I dare you to wear it to the next local sheep and wool festival! :)


Blogger Batty said ... (Wed Feb 21, 09:21:00 PM EST) : 

I love the sheep cozy! It's so cute!


Blogger Zonda said ... (Wed Feb 21, 10:53:00 PM EST) : 

That is too cute! Love it!


Blogger Blu Roux said ... (Thu Feb 22, 12:18:00 AM EST) : 

What a cute tea cosy! I've been thinking of knitting a cosy for a while but, I have yet to find a suitable pattern. Unfortunately, the DBF's tea pot is of the tall skinny variety, as opposed to the short, squat type.

Get your minds out of the gutter, all-- I really mean his tea pot. No innuendo!


Blogger Faerynuff said ... (Thu Feb 22, 05:01:00 AM EST) : 



Blogger Yosemite said ... (Thu Feb 22, 06:45:00 AM EST) : 

I love the tea cosy. It is too cute.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Thu Feb 22, 03:55:00 PM EST) : 

Holy crap that's cute!!

And it does still make a smashing hat!

Maybe the lion can wear it now that Xmas is over when there's no tea to warm.


Anonymous Fiberfool said ... (Thu Feb 22, 05:56:00 PM EST) : 

Oh my, how cute is that!!


Blogger Lynn said ... (Fri Feb 23, 09:16:00 PM EST) : 

The 22-and-counting sheep and the llama that lurk on the file cabinets next to this desk, all clap their hooves in glee.

I have that same teapot in white.


Blogger Yvette said ... (Fri Feb 23, 09:36:00 PM EST) : 

Coolest tea cozy ever!


Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said ... (Sun Feb 25, 10:15:00 AM EST) : 

Hah! I saw those kits on E-Bay awhile back. It's good to know that they work out so well. Hot teeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa.


Blogger maryannlucy said ... (Sun Feb 25, 11:30:00 AM EST) : 

I love it, I like it as a hat too !


Blogger Carrie said ... (Sun Feb 25, 12:39:00 PM EST) : 

That's such a great idea for a tea cozy!


Blogger Cindy said ... (Sat Nov 01, 02:48:00 PM EDT) : 

Do you have a pattern written up? This is so cute.


Blogger Michelle said ... (Fri Jun 25, 09:23:00 PM EDT) : 

OMG your all talking about the sheep kit that I sold on e bay the one that I designed :0) so pleased to read so many nice things about it. Have to say about turning it into a hat don't worry there is a sheep hat kit as well as a toilet roll cover that is a sheep as well.


Blogger vickitheviken said ... (Sun Aug 01, 06:41:00 PM EDT) : 

How did you get the wooley coat effect ? baa baa


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