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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kill me now!

Ack - I agreed to do a procedure on an out of town patient (because apparently I am the only doctor in Ontario available to take care of patients, or maybe it just seems that way) this Thursday morning. The procedure is scheduled for 7:15 AM, but in order for me to assess him beforehand, I have to see him at 6:30 AM. And it's a 35-45 minute drive from home to hospital. Eek!

Oh well. The Warmfuzzy is turning out to be a very effective cat magnet. Between the broomsticks knitting needles waving around in the air, and the 4 different balls of yarn which compete as to which one will roll the furthest when it hits the floor, it is the source of much entertainment. Heck - there's even the convenience of 4 strands of yarn that hang right in front of anyone who sits on my lap. Luckily the halo from the Parisienne should disguise the cat hair.

Since scarf progress shots are not exactly fascinating at this point ( "Look! It's a scarf! Again! Except this time it's 6 rows longer!!"), I instead bring you one of the recent additions to my stash:
llama lace
Llama Lace
Because I'm such a prolific lace knitter, don't you know...
llama lace texture

1300 yards of a heathery purple/rose with a bit of gold thrown in. My initial reaction was "ick" (because of the gold), but then it followed me home...I bought it at the same shop where I picked up the PomPon yarn; it came from a "local" (to Winnipeg) farm. What ended up attracting me to it is how rustic it is. Kind of a polar opposite to the PomPon, eh? I think it calls for a fairly unstructured pattern - along the lines of the Shoalwater Shawl.

Oh dear; now Somerset is kneading the scarf...gotta go before she starts grooming it!

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Comments on "Kill me now!"


Blogger Macoco said ... (Wed Nov 14, 09:01:00 AM EST) : 

Oooh llama lace - that is gorgeous. Normally I wouldn't be drawn to the gold, but here, with all of the purples, it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


Blogger BeadKnitter said ... (Wed Nov 14, 01:15:00 PM EST) : 

The llama lace is gorgeous! I want.

Here's a tip I thought I'd share concerning the balls of yarn rolling around on the floor. I put mine in ziplock bags, one for each ball. I zip the bag closed except for about an inch open so the yarn can feed through it. When you pull on the yarn it spins in the bag instead of taking off for adventures unknown. Keeps my kitties out of it too.


Blogger Bobbi said ... (Wed Nov 14, 08:04:00 PM EST) : 

he he he, I totally agree with you on the scarf WiP pictures!

I love that lace weight! I want to pet it!


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