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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Cruelest Month

Forget April. I think that November is the cruelest month - at least in Blogland.
We are less than 5 hours away from "NaOvEsWhaYoAchWhiStiWoSleMo"
(National OverEstimate What You'll Achieve While Still Working and Sleeping Month)
By the way - why is it "National" rather than "International"? Or does the "Nation" refer to the Internet Nation?

What drives this lemming like urge to write a novel, knit a sweater, post/create art/(insert activity here) daily in November? Is it a last minute attempt to achieve something before the year is over (kind of like the last 2 weeks of summer vacation - "holy crap, I've wasted all this time - gotta do SOMETHING!)?

I've made a commitment to blog daily (NaBloSoMo) during November, and had toyed with the idea of trying to knit a sweater during November (NaKniSweMo), but I think that the only way I will achieve that goal is to knit a baby sweater (which, it so happens is something that I had intended to knit for my new niece as a Christmas present), because I am working most of the month. Not to mention the fact that I plan to knit a scarf as a Secret Santa present for one of the nurses at work in time for the December 1st ICU Christmas party(who loves pink - a colour which is horribly under-represented in my stash), and there's this stitch pattern that I would like to design a pair of socks around, on top of my long list of projects that I want to start knitting RIGHT NOW! and the sockette/socks that just need to have the toes kitchenered shut and the UFOs that are hanging around, and I still haven't unpacked from Europe/packed my last knittyboard SP package/mailed my Ravelry Birthday exchange package/put away my summer clothes, and I should really get around to writing up the patterns for the socks I have designed on the off chance that someone might want to knit something like them plus it would mean that I could be one of the cool kids who is a "designer on Ravelry", and oh, yeah, there's still all of these cardboard boxes around the house that need to be unpacked from the move...

I tell you...cruelest month.

I'd close the post with a photo of Eiffel Sock #2, which is 75% completed, but the fates didn't get the "Hey - Ladylungdoc didn't buy any Halloween Candy, and The Gambler is going to be at Fencing tonight, so make sure that she has a quiet day at work and is able to get home in time to realize that her neighborhood is teeming with trick-or-treaters, and that her only option is to hide in the basement and hope for pouring rain to wash away the eggs" memo, and I am waiting for a transfer to arrive from another hospital.

So instead, you can look at the pretty flowers:
Ute's Lillies 3


Comments on "The Cruelest Month"


Blogger Carol said ... (Wed Oct 31, 10:02:00 PM EDT) : 

I agree, the stampede to do something, anything in November stumps me. I figure getting my Christmas stuff done is enough!


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Wed Oct 31, 11:20:00 PM EDT) : 

I joining the CoToKniNo group. (Commit to Knit Nuthin')


Blogger Jo said ... (Thu Nov 01, 09:13:00 AM EDT) : 

Yeah... what is it about November? I signed up for the NaBloPoMo as well because my Dad complained that I wasn't posting enough. But really - why November - don't most of us have enough to do this month?


Blogger Stacie said ... (Thu Nov 01, 12:33:00 PM EDT) : 

whew! nov sucks! love the post, love the lingo, but feel a little underachieving, blogging at work...


Anonymous Kelly said ... (Thu Nov 01, 02:00:00 PM EDT) : 

Aw - pretty flower!

I was tempted to join up for something this month - I usually do, but this year I was all like "no, you have about 1000 xmas gifts to knit, and if you spread your time too thinly, you won't get any of them done in time. Again. So I have a sort of self-inflicted cruelty to myself this month: get all those damned xmas gifts done!


Anonymous Melissa said ... (Thu Nov 01, 06:27:00 PM EDT) : 

I'm with you on this one. For me November is the month where I buy yarn for Christmas gifts, even though I told myself (again) that I wouldn't be knitting any gifts this year.


Blogger dmaxi said ... (Sat Nov 03, 07:38:00 PM EDT) : 

Whaddya mean it's November? What happened to October? Or August for that matter?


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