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Friday, October 12, 2007

Qu'est-ce qu'un blog?

We are in Montreaux, Switzerland right now, which is thankfully a French speaking area. Of course, speaking in the same language does not necessarily lead to useful communication, as we found out when Heidi ( the name we have given to the voice of the Mercedes Benz GPS system) led us on a wild goose chase when we tried to find our B&B location on Wednesday.
Story later - here's a few pictures:
Frankfurt - the River Main
Basel - our artsy hotel
My Clapotis -
The needles that I am using certainly look like Addi Turbos, and they knit like Addi Turbos, but they were sitting in a box of assorted circular needles at a flea market, and there were only 2 packages of any kind in the box, both which said "die ideale Nadel" by Wolle Rodel. They cost 2 Euros each (less than $3 CAN) - I got this 5mm needle and a 2.5 mm needle. I have christened them "Fauxddis."
And Finally: what's a blog post without a cute cat photo?
Basel Zoo.

Comments on "Qu'est-ce qu'un blog?"


Anonymous Nora said ... (Fri Oct 12, 04:38:00 AM EDT) : 

Oh, my! The artsy hotel is... wild!


Anonymous Debbie said ... (Fri Oct 12, 06:52:00 AM EDT) : 

that artsy hotel is strange! Fear I'd rip a guy off the wall.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Fri Oct 12, 07:28:00 AM EDT) : 

Cool hotel!

And awww to the lion cub!


Blogger Bridget said ... (Fri Oct 12, 09:07:00 AM EDT) : 

Love these pictures!

The artsy hotel is highly amusing I think. :-)


Blogger loribird said ... (Fri Oct 12, 09:18:00 AM EDT) : 

Wow, the headless forms walking through walls are a little creepy, and a little funny too. So long as they're not in the room while you're sleeping...
Your cats are going to be so jealous!
(I got your package today, thanks so much! I love the Caliometry, it'll be perfect for when it gets chilly.)


Blogger Stacie said ... (Fri Oct 12, 01:28:00 PM EDT) : 

who's the guy in the suit and how did he get in your hotel room... oh, through the wall? of course!


Blogger Martina said ... (Fri Oct 12, 02:27:00 PM EDT) : 

Fun Hotel! A little eerie though.


Blogger Guro said ... (Fri Oct 12, 06:29:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh, and they are HUGE guys walking through the wall too (or that coat hanger is really small).

Love the text on that little ashtray card:)


Blogger Geri said ... (Sat Oct 13, 12:02:00 AM EDT) : 

Ha ha ha - 'fauxddis'. That's hilarious!


Anonymous Kelly said ... (Sat Oct 13, 02:12:00 AM EDT) : 

Coolest hotel room. EVER.


Anonymous Ruth said ... (Sun Oct 14, 03:51:00 AM EDT) : 

Great pictures! LOVE the hotel room.


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