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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blueberry Pi!

I finished knitting the Kitty Pi yesterday:I used a novelty yarn called "Dawn" for the fringe. I picked it up during the trip we took to Seattle last year. The Pi itself was knit from 4 different colours of Bartlett Yarns wool that I picked up during an ebay shopping spree many moons ago.I prefer the bobble look to the fake fur look, plus Somerset might decide to groom the fake fur (she's kind of funny that way). They hold up well to felting.Completed Pi - awaiting the filling.
The details:
Pattern: Kitty Pi
Modification: For a double serving of pi- increase the number of rounds once up to 72 stitches.
Cast on: June 14
Cast off(and felted): June 19
Yarn: double stranded 2 ply yarn Bartlett Yarns (worsted weight?) - 3.75 skeins, plus 1/2 a skein of novelty yarn
Needles: 8.0mm/US11 Birch dpns, Clover Bamboo circs

I plan to take it with me to our rental house when I head back to Ontario this Friday. I considered leaving it to be moved with the rest of the stuff, but we might be in our new house before the rest of our stuff gets there, and I'd like to have as many things that are familiar to the cats as possible for moving day. Plus I can't wait to see how they react to having a choice of beds (this is how I amuse myself - man, but I need to get a life).

Making progress on the sockapalooza sock.

I have learned several things about knitting with beads - the most important being that long strands of yarn tangle much more effectively when they can wrap around beads. I also realized that it is a royal pain in the @ss to knit with beads that were strung onto the non-working end of the skein - I've had to unwind a few times to advance beads (which is when I learned about the tangling). One of my skeins has the beads too far along the yarn, and the other has too many beads close to the working end (so I have to push them back on the non-bead rows) If I ever knit socks with beads again, I will DEFINITELY knit them top down.
Because the beads match the yarn colours so well they don't really stand out. But I think that the sock would be far too busy if there was alot of contrast. Man, for the amount of time I have spent re-knitting, untangling, and rewinding, I should have knitted them twice over by now. I really hope they fit my pal; she's got a pretty narrow foot...

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Comments on "Blueberry Pi!"


Anonymous Cathy-Cate said ... (Wed Jun 20, 06:41:00 PM EDT) : 

I love the felted Blueberry Pi! Particularly the Bobbles.

I have held off on knitting with beads partly because of the perceived hassle factor of stringing all those beads then pushing them along for thousands of yards (at least seemingly). But I signed up for Mystery Stole 3, which has optional beads, and just, in preparing for that, learned a different technique where you use a tiny crochet hook to slip the bead on a loop of yarn. The advantage is that the bead goes over both 'legs' of the stitch, so sits straight and looks good no matter what the stitch, and can be seen from both sides. Supposedly saves wear and tear on fine yarn, too. It's a bit fiddly, but I guess so is the alternative in a different way!

The beads look great, though!


Blogger Jo said ... (Wed Jun 20, 08:54:00 PM EDT) : 

Your kitty pi is beautiful - and I agree that the bobbles are nicer than the fun fur as well. Now we need a picture of the kitty in the kitty pi :)


Blogger Carol said ... (Wed Jun 20, 10:02:00 PM EDT) : 

Yummy Pi! Of course, purple is one of my fav colours, so I may be biased....


Blogger Zonda said ... (Wed Jun 20, 10:49:00 PM EDT) : 

I just love Blueberry Pi!! That is awesome! I like the basket you have it in too! Those socks are so nice!!Am I your pal?? ;) The only beaded thing I've knit is an Odessa hat...almost at the end and I found a knot. Gah! Sending non-knot vibes to you!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Thu Jun 21, 06:31:00 AM EDT) : 

I like your choice in novelty yarn for the edging too!

I hope the furry ones enjoy it.


Blogger Batty said ... (Thu Jun 21, 07:55:00 AM EDT) : 

I love your Pi! I actually like the bobble look better than the furry look, and the shape is just perfect. Now all that remains to be seen is whether the furry ones will accept it.

The sock is looking good. Love the beads.


Blogger Macoco said ... (Thu Jun 21, 08:00:00 AM EDT) : 

The blueberry pi came out great - I love how it looks in that basket.


Blogger Sweet Camden Lass said ... (Fri Jun 22, 08:55:00 AM EDT) : 

I made a beaded cardigan, with god knows how many beads.

I learnt one very important thing.

Break the yarn just before you want the beads, and thread them on then.

Join back up again, using preferred join. This works particularly well with yarn that can be spit-spliced, but, frankly, at the top of the sock, it doesn't matter how you break and rejoin it.

It is way less stressful (particularly during those moments when the yarn broke and the beads went flying. And that time I was threading on beads in Sheffield Theatre's bar, which was kinda ridiculous). I wish I'd worked it out before I'd made it to the last sleeve!



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