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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Potential gift photos

I want to give gifts to the office and hospital staff with whom I worked during my short time here. I was thinking of printing up some of the photos tha I have taken and framing them. The ones I am thinking of using are posted individually in the blog entry below. I would appreciate your opinions re: which ones I should have printed.

Comments on "Potential gift photos"


Blogger Michelle said ... (Sun Jan 07, 11:46:00 AM EST) : 

I love the peaches and the champagne glasses...they are all beautiful


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sun Jan 07, 12:38:00 PM EST) : 

I like D and A--wonderful reminders of how beautiful your home area is!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sun Jan 07, 01:52:00 PM EST) : 

How many can we vote for? I absolutely love A. But I'm a sucker for snow. And I also appear to have the same taste as Cpurl because D really strikes me as well too!


Blogger costumechick said ... (Sun Jan 07, 05:35:00 PM EST) : 

I like n1, J, G, and A. Great shots!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sun Jan 07, 07:35:00 PM EST) : 

I think J is pretty rockin'.


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sun Jan 07, 10:48:00 PM EST) : 

Well..I like B, G, H, and K the best, but they all are really lovely! Especially the champagne one! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Mon Jan 08, 12:36:00 PM EST) : 

WOW! Such incredible photos. A and H are my favorites, but I don't know how you will pick from those gems!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Wed Jan 10, 06:21:00 AM EST) : 

C, E, H and K are my favorites, however they are all great shots.


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