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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A new challenge

I joined Scout's 100 mile challenge, but instead of running 100 miles, I'm going to try to skate ski 100 miles between now and April 1st. I did 2.61 km on Tuesday, and 3.76 km today. And, since we went downhill skiing yesterday, I have fulfilled resolution #1 for this week.  
The rest of yesterday's resolution tally: kept #3 (I highly recommend making a resolution to take naps), #4, #5, #6, #17, #25; broke #2 ( I swear by all that is holy, that I will get started on this tomorrow morning); postponed #28. Posted by Picasa

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Blogger Bezzie said ... (Thu Jan 04, 05:45:00 PM EST) : 

Boy I feel dumb--I just pmed you asking if you had signed up for this because I thought I saw you posting over there.


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