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Monday, January 08, 2007

Nailsey Wailsey on the Blackboardie Woardie

I came across an ad for The Second Cup "Calling on all Yummy Mommies" to bop into their establishments and get their free magazine with the purchase of one of their overpriced Comfort Beverages. While working on my antifreeze (I am trying to get it ready for Wednesday, when the cold snap hits the ski hill) I tried to determine what about this phrase drives me crazy. Is it the fact that it's an infantilized term for grown women? Is it the implied procreationism behind it?

So I googled it - did you know that General Foods sold a Yummy Mummy cereal? I also learned that according to the Millcroft Inn "A true Yummy Mummy is someone who struggles to find the impossible balance between the single sexpot she used to be, the woman she's become, the professional she works hard to be, the wife she aspires to be and the mother she has to be. Basically, she's confused and exhausted."
Wow, sucks to be her if you can't afford the $800 cost of the getaway.
I then came across this opinion piece, which seemed to ring true in its logic. And I also came across this blog posting which alone was mildly amusing, but had some awesome comments.

*Disclaimer - I am not, and will not ever be a mummy (other than to the cats). I will instead have to channel all of my energies into my dream of being a "Hot Doc".
It's OK to come out now Somerset; she's stopped ranting!

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Blogger Bezzie said ... (Mon Jan 08, 05:03:00 PM EST) : 

I can't wait for that cold front to keep in movin' south!

Well this is the first I've heard of a Yummy Mommy. I'm a big advocate against the word "yummy" used to describe anything that is NOT in fact edible. Yarn is not "yummy" well unless THAT'S how you get fiber into your diet! (but technically it can be described as "yummy" or a word that drives me just as nuts "scrummy").

Well after you make your antifreeze won't that make you techincally a "hot doc"? ;-)


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